It’s true that every Tom, Dick and Harry can have their own video channel these days; but very few businesses go about YouTube channel optimisation the right way to make theirs stand out in the crowd.

Remember that your channel is important for promoting videos that drive potential customers to your website so optimizing this process is an integral part of generating traffic.

Below we look at a few strategies you can use to make sure that you are on the map when it comes to online channels that make an impact.

Your Channel Username

Select a username that includes your main keyword as this will help with optimisation. You are looking for opportunities to include your keywords wherever you can, within reason – the effect is similar to the on-page SEO effect of getting the right keywords in the right places.

Background Image

YouTube provides options for customising the background image, so you should use them; this can help to brand your business – include your logo and website URL wherever you can. This looks sharper and more professional than the default background.

Channel Type

Help your viewers quickly understand your YouTube channel.

This is a useful little tip that is sometimes missed and can give you an edge.

You are requested to select a channel type – either basic YouTuber, Guru, Director, Comedian or Musician etc – when you set up your channel.

The basic, generic “YouTuber” category gets most sign ups, so picking the “guru” type will mean there are less competitors when it comes to handing the YouTube awards out.

The Melbourne SEO Services site has received awards such as the “13th most viewed today” in the “Guru” category; we wouldn’t have received them in the “YouTuber” category.

It’s a small but potentially significant distinction to make – don’t forget we are trying to make our channel stand out from the hordes of others.

Tell Them To Subscribe

Include a call to action for people visiting your channel – not only to get them to watch your videos but to get them to subscribe to your channel. This may be important later when your videos are aiming for high ranking and competition gets tougher; one measurement in YouTube’s algorithm appears to be the number of subscribers you have.

Learning how to do YouTube channel optimisation in a competitive market can help drive healthy amounts of traffic to your website. You’ll find tips on all other aspects of video marketing in the Competition Crusher workshop which is available to view totally FREE when you visit it by clicking here.

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