In the first part of this two-part post we looked at three ways you can begin to optimise your YouTube channel settings.

The importance of keeping the end goal in mind should govern everything you do with your channel settings – and that’s usually to drive people back to your web site and get them into your sales “funnel”.

So below we go through another three simple ways to get your channel working best for you and your business. 

Using AutoPlay

The more views you get for your videos the more search engine friendly you become.

One way to do this is by using the AutoPlay feature, which means that featured videos load automatically when a page loads.

This system was abused by bloggers posting videos on multiple blogs to gain recognition so it was changed by YouTube – now you only get recognition for autoplay videos on your channel page.

You can do this by clicking on Video Playlists and checking The Autoplay box.

Update Your Profile

On the left hand side of your YouTube channel page you will see your profile. Click Edit and it allows you to change the content there.

Good YouTube profiles command respect and credibility.

On the profile menu you can fill in all the details about you and your business. Think of it as free marketing where you can plug your web sites, insert keywords that you use in you business and let the world know how credible you are!

Pay special attention to adding links to your websites using http:// links.

In your biography section don’t forget the call to action! Tell your visitors to subscribe to your channel, as that’s the main purpose of you spending all this time updating your details.

More subscribers mean more video views, which means more visitors to your website.

Update Your Account Settings

The final thing you should do is update your account settings. Much of this information will be similar to what you include on your Profile, but it’s another free place to add keywords and URLs that provide back-links to your website.

Add an image you like to your profile, otherwise YouTube will randomly select an image they have of you from a video.

In the Activity Sharing section you may want to link your channel to Twitter or Facebook for social media sharing too. This is especially useful if you have several sites in the same niche that are all connected.

All these small things will add up and the effort will be worth it. Taking a few minutes to fill out and customise these sections when you first start out will differentiate you from most of the channels out there that skip this effort.

Optimising your settings for maximum impact in gaining subscribers and getting noticed by the search engines is what it’s all about.

Hopefully these two posts have pointed you in the right direction to get your YouTube channel settings working for your business.

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