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Video Transcript: We know that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. We know that there is a vast amount of traffic going through there every day. How can you leverage that for your business? How can you take advantage of that even if you don’t have any video yet?

Now if you don’t, I strongly recommend you go see Melbourne Video Production and go get some really good video from Dave and Adrian and the team. They’re very good, we use them on our website and we’re very happy with the result. Unpaid testimonial! If you don’t yet have video, then you can show text ads over the top of other videos.

So again this is contextually targeted. One of our lovely clients, Kitset Kitchens, here is a kitchen remodeling YouTube ad that has been viewed 135,000 times, obviously most of those views were in the States. But if somebody in Victoria is viewing this ad, now I didn’t have to go and find this individual ad. I said to Google, find me videos to do with kitchens and put my ad over the top of those videos.

Some of them are going to have hardly any views, some of them are going to have loads of views. I don’t have to worry about that, I just say to Google, go find those videos and stick my online ads there. If that ad group is a whole does well, I’m going to push more money into it. If it doesn’t, well, it was a test, we pull that ad. This was an ad we put up for Andrew’s business a while ago.

There are a lot of views on a lot of these Seafolly videos, not this particular one. But if someone is on YouTube looking at swimwear related content, haven’t got a video to use but I’ve got a banner ad that we used in another marketing campaign, so I can target YouTube and target those contextually relevant videos and show banners next to them. Again, on a CPC basis, I’ve not buying a thousand views, I’m only paying if they click through to my website.

Question: That’s not classified as remarketing though, is it?

Mike: No, this is the YouTube bit. I’ve finished the remarketing bit. This is how to use YouTube ads. You can combine them though. We talked about combining, you can combine your remarketing list and your YouTube only placement campaign, put the two together or your YouTube contextually targeted campaign and a remarketing list, but your traffic is going to drop. I’ve moved on from remarketing.

I probably didn’t make that very clear. If you do have videos, you can promote them inside of YouTube. YouTube works much the same as Google. The left hand side is free, the right hand side is paid, sort of. So this is a video for a client that he launched a month ago and I’ll show you the graph in a second. A couple of weeks in he had 800 – 1000 views I think, from memory.

It’s now ranking well organically, so this is the Search results inside of YouTube and he ranks number three organically. The fact that he now has 10,000 views because we’ve gone and bought a lot of views has helped his rankings inside of YouTube. So this wouldn’t probably be showing as high up inside YouTube if we hadn’t gone and bought the other 9000 views. I know what you’re thinking, gosh, it must cost a lot of money for 9000 views. Not really.

This is how we did it. When people were watching related videos, so you can show ads on both pages. This one is called Insearch, this is an ad, these are organic results, this is paid for, these are free. Sometimes we showed his ad up there, and sometimes we showed his ad up here next to relevant videos. This is paid, they’re free. I like that graph, Up and To the Right.

You can pretty clearly see where we started advertising that, towards the end of January and two weeks later, we’ve got 11,000 views, for a whopping, I know you know it’s expensive, 6c each. Now if you’re going to get funky, you can also, if you get white listed by Google, drop a remarketing cookie on your YouTube page. You’ve got to be white listed for it, it’s not standard. But if you’re going to go and buy a stack of traffic, that’s 10,000 people who I would like to advertise to and it costs me 6c each to get them.

By making the most out of your YouTube videos, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level. If you need more help on YouTube remarketing, drop by this page to get guidance from an expert.

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