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In this digital age, it is all to easy to jump to the conclusion that online marketing is dominating over offline marketing methods… but is it fair? Just like “video killed the radio star” (as the song goes), can online media really kill the once all mighty print media star?

One dinosaur of print media which seems to be, all too often, in the firing line is the Yellow Pages.  Sure, on an environmental level, the Yellow Pages [physical book], may be seen as a colossal waste of paper but what about its effectiveness?

It seems that those who are most aggressively against the Yellow Pages are typically the ones who have the most to gain from its demise – namely online marketers, SEO and SEM companies.

So, before condemning the Yellow Pages, we decided to hit the streets of Melbourne to hear what the everyday person thinks. I guess you could call it some old fashioned market research :)

Watch the video below to see a quick summary of what we found…

The Survey Results

Q1. How often do you use the print version of the Yellow Pages? Read More>>


internet marketing plan 2015

I’m going old skool and testing out an analog calendar with brightly coloured post it notes. How have you made your plans for 2015?

FYI, we’re back to business. How about you, are you back and did you have a good holiday season?

We’ve got some big plans for 2015 and it got me thinking about you and now I’m curious… if I asked you what were your *top 3 must complete* projects for 2015 – do you know the answer?

Having a clear internet marketing plan for 2015 and consistently working towards it is one of the keys to success – especially with so many distractions these days. You’ve got to keep focused!

I’ll help out where I can and keep you focused on what’s important for your website (the 80/20) – with so much crap out there on the internet – it’s easy to get off track.

To start, perhaps the best SEO and online marketing advice I can give you is to watch this YouTube video. I’m not too sure if you watched it already but I give my predictions for winning online in 2015:

And if you want to grab the slide deck, you can get that here:

Also, over the break, I kept an eye out for any other news I think you’d find important. Here’s what I spotted:

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Melbourne SEO and Video

Woohooo, I’ve made it to the big time ;) Front cover of Internet Marketing Magazine!

Looks like I’m the last one in the office and all is quiet. As I tie up loose ends for the year, it’s made me a little reflective and what a big year it’s been!

It never ceases to amaze me the speed at which the online landscape changes. To win online, you need to bring your A-game and be switched on 24×7. The holidays is actually pretty much the only time my team and I take off.

So with that, our head office is closed from the 24th of December through to the 5th of January. There will still be a couple of account managers lurking around during the break and some of the SEO.

If you’re having some down time, I encourage you to reflect on the year and start to plan out 2015. Once you have a clear vision of what you’d like to achieve, my team and I will do my best to help you get there!

So, from all the team at Melbourne SEO and Video, let me wish you a very happy holiday season and all the best for 2015!

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video services in Melbourne

Video remains the low hanging fruit in online marketing.

It’s becoming more and more clear the importance of positioning yourself (and your business) as the market leader – the online landscape is just too crowded.

This increased competition has pushed up the cost of all forms of online advertising – SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook etc. Accordingly, the importance of increasing your conversion rate and authority positioning should be a prime focus.

And do you know what is the best way to do this?

With all of our testing, we’re still finding video is still the low hanging fruit with many thinking “it’s too hard” or “I don’t want to put myself out there”. This creates a big opportunity. Videos that position you as the authority and bonds your clients and prospects to you are paying big rewards.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

This is a video Adrian ( recently did for a real estate agent in Mount Martha. Can you imagine the type of trust this builds?

This video converts prospects into clients and clients into raving fans. It becomes the cornerstone of your marketing and changes your game! Here’s some more proof, check out Camille’s results (she’s a dating coach):

Trust me, if you’re not thinking video… you’re missing out.

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Google friendly website

Authority is the key.

Google wants to reward great websites with high rankings. But what are they actually looking for? What they’re ultimately looking to do is find authorities. The website owner needs to think, how can I build up the authority of my website in the eyes of Google?

When you type in a search in Google, sometimes you see a website come up where it’s got what they call site links underneath. They’ve got links to different parts of your website when someone searches that particular phrase. That’s because Google has said, I really trust that website. I see it as an authority.

Try to focus on getting some good Google reviews and make sure you’re listed on Google Maps. This may not apply as much for blogs, it really depends on what your business is and what’s relevant. If it doesn’t make sense to put a Google Maps listing, don’t do it. But other things will make sense. Think about building up your website as an authority. To do this, you must ensure your website has good usability, well functioning technicals and good links.

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Digital Marketing Summit

It’s me presenting at The Digital Marketing Summit. I’ll try to get you a copy of the recordings.

We’re striking distance from Christmas and I hope you’re run off your feet, making sales and reaping the rewards of your online marketing efforts.

While the year comes to a close, I’ve also been thinking about your action plan for 2015 – I’m always thinking ahead!

In fact, I’ve created a 2015 online marketing checklist for you. Note: it doesn’t matter exactly how you achieve each item, as long as you have something in place for each.

This is what it takes to win online in 2015:

– Have a rock solid website (quick loading, mobile responsive).
– Follow SEO best practises (no keyword stuff or thin content)
– Creating valuable content (more important than ever!)
– Share it across the web (including social & email)
– Amplify content pieces with the most engagement.

We’ve actually been experimenting with that last step. High quality press releases, guest posts and link outreach still work but we’ve added in a whole new layer of paid amplification including Facebook, Linkedin, infographics and YouTube ads.

It’s working a treat and with those 5 steps, you’ll drive more traffic, convert more leads and dominate your industry online!

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The 5 Step SEO Action Plan

by David Jenyns

SEO action plan

It’s about time you take action!

There are three areas that are important aspects of a website which get rewarded with good rankings: the usability, the technicals and the links.

The usability is all about About Us, Contact Us and the privacy policy. It is making sure there is good, high quality, unique content. For technicals, you want a good, quick loading site that is responsive so that it appears and looks great on different mobile devices and tablets. Make sure it loads quite quickly. If you’ve got a very high bounce rate or low user engagement, they’re not visiting many pages on your site, you want to try to see if you can increase that. You also want to set up your Webmaster Tools. Make sure your page titles, your on-page SEO are well set up.

The final one is the links. You want to make sure if you do go down the linking area, and it’s important, if you can, just make sure you do it naturally.

Go through just those three strategies, that‘s how Google is ranking. That’s how Google determines what a good site is to bring up. It will analyse these three things and then it will think, what has someone actually typed into the search engine? Do I have a page in my index that is relevant to that search query? Yes, I do. Ok, I’m going to display it. That’s really how it goes through.

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search engine optimization guide

We’ll help you understand SEO better.

SEO is one of the best methods that can be used as a competitive advantage. It’s all about growing your audience and getting your message out there so that your content can affect more people. But a lot of people don’t actually know how to take this and implement it, get it working on their blogs so that they can get better visibility in the search engines and hopefully get more traffic.

Search engine optimization is managing your whole online presence. Traffic sources can be paid or free. To get a proper grasp of SEO, it is important to understand how Google works. It uses a spider and query software to serve up relevant results.

People have tried to game the system and reverse engineer how Google ranks websites. To combat this, Google has implemented three algorithm updates: the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, each of which will be examined. The key to it all is not to try to game the system but to become the sort of website Google can trust and then you will be rewarded with high rankings.

If you’re new to SEO, all of these concepts might be too much to understand now. But when you’re done with this quick search engine optimization guide, everything will be clear to you. Read More>>


Here's a snapshot of a funny video shoot we recently did. I'll post the full video next week!

Here’s a snapshot of a funny video shoot we recently did. I’ll post the full video next week!

I’ve been having some pretty big breakthroughs lately with our online marketing and I wanted to share them with you. Like you, I see so many opportunities online sometimes it’s easy to lose focus… so I started taking note of what’s really important.

And the more I thought about it, there really are only 3 key areas to focus on. Website. Content. Sharing.

1. First, there’s your website. You want a quick loading, modern, responsive website that follows Google Webmaster guidelines.

2. You need great quality content your prospects and clients actually want to engage in. Gone are the days of putting out spammy content with the primary purpose of gaming the search engines.

3. You need to SEO optimise everything and share it on your website, through emails and social media. Then watch which content performs the best and amplify it with press releases, guest posts, infographics and those sorts of things.

And really, that’s it! Have a great website. Create great content and share it around the web. That’s the secret to get found online.

Sometimes you need to simplify so you can focus on what’s really important. Need help getting started? I’m running a webinar with Pete Williams all about Stage 1.

This will be a Google Quality Guidelines webinar – there’s just so much to learn from that document. Anyway, if you’re keen to find out more you can visit:

If you caught my webinar a few weeks back, we’ll cover a few of the same points again and also include a few new strategies for 2015 I’ve picked up!

And what else have I spotted recently? Read More>>


An important part of search engine optimisation is how to find the best keywords. To do this, we need to consider who our target market is. Imagine your blog right now and think about what is your target market actually looking for? We need to get into their head and think about what conversations are going on in their mind, what problems and issues do they have? What would they be thinking about or typing into Google before they discover our blog? What would we like them to discover our blog on?

You want to make sure that you have your target firmly in mind so that you can choose keywords that are going to attract that target into our website. There are various ways to find good keywords. Go to Google for suggestions. Remember to assign one keyword per piece of content and put it into the relevant places. Always think of the user first. For the actual application, Yoast can help.

how to find the best keywords

Try your best to think like your audience.

Get into the mind of your user

Think about getting into the mind of your user. Let’s say you’re in the process now of creating an article or creating a blog post. You get into the mind of your target market.

Use Google to find the most relevant keyword

One of the easiest ways to do good keyword research and pick keywords is to head over to Google and start typing some keywords that are relevant to the particular blog post that you’re typing in.

If you’re doing a blog post on how to prepare food or how to organise your kids, head over to Google. Start typing in ‘kids’ organisation’. As you’re typing it in, see what Google suggests.

That will give you some great insight into what is a good keyword to choose for the particular blog post that you’re writing. Sometimes you might even hit ‘search’ and scroll down to the bottom of the search results. Right down the bottom you’ll see, ‘search results related to organising kids’. It would be whatever keyword you type in there.

Underneath that, Google is going to recommend what it thinks are some relevant keywords that people are typing in. So you can use Google as a way to cherry pick the best keywords that you can start to use. That is probably the easiest way to do it. Read More>>


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