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In this digital age, it is all to easy to jump to the conclusion that online marketing is dominating over offline marketing methods… but is it fair? Just like “video killed the radio star” (as the song goes), can online media really kill the once all mighty print media star?

One dinosaur of print media which seems to be, all too often, in the firing line is the Yellow Pages.  Sure, on an environmental level, the Yellow Pages [physical book], may be seen as a colossal waste of paper but what about its effectiveness?

It seems that those who are most aggressively against the Yellow Pages are typically the ones who have the most to gain from its demise – namely online marketers, SEO and SEM companies.

So, before condemning the Yellow Pages, we decided to hit the streets of Melbourne to hear what the everyday person thinks. I guess you could call it some old fashioned market research :)

Watch the video below to see a quick summary of what we found…

The Survey Results

Q1. How often do you use the print version of the Yellow Pages? Read More>>


I wanted to invite you to some special I’ve got coming up. If you can make it to Melbourne on the 16th of May, I’m running a full 1 day workshop to detail what’s working now with online marketing and share where to get the best ROI for your marketing dollar. I was almost going to call it the SEO Method 4, but it’s so much more than SEO.

We’ve overhauled all of our SEO packages at Melbourne SEO Services – traditional SEO is dead. Now you need to be building authority, managing your reputation, owning the conversation, utilising smart content marketing, and making yourself Google proof.

I’ve perfected a method to do just this and that drives an unstoppable stream of highly qualified leads and buyers to your business. Please Note: This isn’t a magic button you can press, and it takes work, but it’s the most powerful small business Internet marketing system I’ve ever used.

You can find out more about the workshop here:

And if you’ve attended my events in the past, you’ll know a few things:

  • I’m a systems guy and this is step-by-step
  • I open the kimono and reveal everything
  • I only run events once to document our processes for internal use
  • Can’t make it to the live event? No worries, still book your ticket and you’ll get the recordings at the early bird discount rate (the best rate we’ll be offering it).

Anyway, I’m biased but I believe this will be the best investment you can make in 2014. Assuming you apply what you learn of course! Find out more here:

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I’m curious, are you a lists person?

As you may or may not know, I’ve recently moved house (down by the water) and have been experimenting working from home, and with it comes the need for better business productivity. We still have the office in St Kilda and the team’s going in but it’s a good way to get me out of the office and out of the craziness of the day to day.

In fact, I’m finding myself quite productive. I’ve got my “to do” list and I’m just checking things off. Writing scripts, setting up marketing and directing the team. This got me thinking – do you know one of the big secrets to our success? It’s working on the most important things and getting them done!

No fluffing about. You know what needs to be done (especially using the technique I talked about last week), so “just do it”.

If you’re keen to get your website cranking – just do it!
If you’re keen to get some video done – just do it!
If you need a strategic plan for the year – just do it!

This year is moving quickly and we’re almost done with Q1. Take my lead, identify what work needs to be done, put it in priority order, and then get to work! Quit mucking around. Read More>>


One of the hardest things for any business owner to do is find, what I like to call, “A” Players when building a team. More often than not, they find themselves stressing over what they’re staff are doing – or aren’t doing. But there’s no need to fret anymore, I’m about to take you through our seven step process we use to hire amazing A players, people who can build our business at lightning speed.

Let’s start off by getting really clear on outsourcing and why you need to do it. The internet has been changing by leaps and bounds over the past few years; in my marketplace of Internet Marketing as well as many others in the online space, online business s really turned into a team sport. This means you need to have a team with a variety of skills who can “join in” when it’s their time to “play” – and outsourcing is one of the key ways to ensure your team is well rounded to win the “game”, so to speak.

Some people might have mental hurdles when they’ve thought about outsourcing in the past; maybe they think it’s a bit expensive or it won’t work for them. A lot of people might have even tried outsourcing, but because they didn’t have a good process in place, it didn’t quite work out the way they wanted. So having a process to find the right people is going to make a world of difference.

Why Outsource?

Ok, first things first. Why do you need to outsource now? Well, when you’re building an online business, there are so many things to be done – you can’t possibly do them all yourself. For example, when you set up a website, you need to install that site, then get the copy right on it, make sure that the graphics look good. Then you might want to load videos onto the site, setting up autoresponders on your emails, not to mention trying to drive traffic to the website itself. That’s when you need to do keyword research, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, plus all of the link building and writing of high quality articles and posts. What about customer service? Order fulfilment? And the list goes on and on…

If you can manage to do all these things yourself, that’s fantastic – but it won’t leave you much time to do anything else….so say Hallelujah! for outsourcing right now! ;)

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I’ve been thinking about your business recently and I’m curious, as an entrepreneur, how do you know what to work on at any point in time? We all know there are typically 100 million things you ‘could be’ doing but typically only 2-3 things you ‘should be’ focusing on.

These are the 2-3 things that will have the biggest impact.

But what makes this hard to identify is that it’s different for every business. It depends on where you are in the business growth cycle.

So the question remains “how do you decide what to focus/work on?”

For most business owners it’s “whatever is the biggest fire” – who knows, that might even be the way you do it. Either way, you’d agree that’s not the most effective strategy ;)

So, I’ve been doing some thinking around how I identify what to work on and I thought you might find it helpful.

Ok, so the process is actually quite simple, I just ask myself “what would break first if I got x10 the number of clients I have today, tomorrow?” I imagine my business with the flood of new clients and then mentally work through the flow from start to finish to see, in the chain of events, what would break down first.

Once I’ve identified the first few items, I get to work! Now, I have a few other calculations I add into the mix but that’s the crux of it. In this way, you’re always working on the most important business bottlenecks.

Anyway, it’s a useful method and one I thought you might like :D Have a go, set aside an hour and think through the process. Once you’ve picked out your top 2-3 items I’d love to hear about how it worked for you. Just message me back.

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Did you enjoy this video? Need more details on targeted internet advertising and online marketing? Visit this site now. 

Video Transcript: Let’s talk about different ways to go find them, to target that audience that you want to reach. There are three main ways. The easiest to get your head around is what Google calls placements, in other words websites. The next one then is based on the content of those sites. There are two parts to that. And the funky one, which remarketing is part of is the behaviour of those visitors. We’ll start with placements because that is the easy one to get your head around.

If I’m Cara & Co, I may decide that a lot of my prospects hang out on the Vogue forum. There are massive amounts of traffic on Vogue forum and I’ve decided in advance that’s where my market hangs out. I want to show an ad there, so I can give a Google a list of websites. I can be very specific with those URLs. I can say this page on this site or as per the example a little earlier, the Lifestyle section of The Age, the travel section of the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Did you enjoy this video? Need more information on YouTube remarkating and online marketing campaign? Click here and get started. 

Video Transcript: We know that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. We know that there is a vast amount of traffic going through there every day. How can you leverage that for your business? How can you take advantage of that even if you don’t have any video yet?

Now if you don’t, I strongly recommend you go see Melbourne Video Production and go get some really good video from Dave and Adrian and the team. They’re very good, we use them on our website and we’re very happy with the result. Unpaid testimonial! If you don’t yet have video, then you can show text ads over the top of other videos.

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Did you enjoy this video? Do you need more tips on creating ads in Google in connection with online marketing? Stop by this site today.

Video Transcript: How do you get started quickly heading in the right direction? Test lots of big ideas. Please don’t do what most businesses do – design ads in Google in eight different sizes because you’re not doing any testing. Yes, you’re increasing your range, you’re increasing your inventory. You’ll get more clicks but you’re not learning anything about the market.

I would always start with a 300 x 250 ad. We found the next best three to be those three on the screen: 336 x 280, 160 x 600 and 728 x 90. What I’m going to suggest though is that you start with ten 300 x 250 ads. Forget the other sizes for now. Job one is to figure out which ads resonate the most with your market, which ads make you the most money? Then we can go and build the other sizes.

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Did you enjoy this video? Do you need more information on  Google Analytics remarketing and online advertising? Visit this page.

Video Transcript: So you can now build remarketing lists, based on basically any metric or dimension that you can think of in your Analytics account. One of the examples on the screen here, revenue greater than a hundred, like the advanced segment that we built before. You can set that as a rule in Google Analytics remarketing. You don’t have to worry, it is the same piece of code that goes on every page of the site. It’s dead easy to install. You drop into Analytics and build this rule. Create a remarketing list, let’s call it 30 days, for all the people who spent more than $100.

I’m going to call that my whales and I’m going to follow those people around with this ad. Here they’ve given an example of medium=organic. That actually means something to you now. Let’s say medium=Facebook. That’s of more interest to me. In the past, the way I’ve done remarketing, is based on the page they went to. Did they go to my shopping cart? Did they go to my thanks page? That’s how we created those lists before.

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Did you enjoy this video? Want additional insights on hiring a virtual assistant and marketing? Visit this website today.

Video Transcript: Another way I’ve seen this used well for some bigger sites is recruitment. If you feel the need hiring a virtual assistant, then cookieing everybody who comes to your careers section or the jobs section of your site and then following those people around with messages that they are going to find appealing: you were voted top employer of choice in your state, you’ve just won some awards, we’re hiring. New jobs available. Check out on the jobs page.

If they’ve already been to your recruitment page, stick them on a nice long list. Maybe they went and got another job, but maybe they’re really bored there after six months and you can drag them back to you. That’s another way. Now that’s probably only going to work for the bigger companies who have enough traffic coming through their careers section of the site to make that worthwhile doing, but it’s worth a try.

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