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In this digital age, it is all to easy to jump to the conclusion that online marketing is dominating over offline marketing methods… but is it fair? Just like “video killed the radio star” (as the song goes), can online media really kill the once all mighty print media star?

One dinosaur of print media which seems to be, all too often, in the firing line is the Yellow Pages.  Sure, on an environmental level, the Yellow Pages [physical book], may be seen as a colossal waste of paper but what about its effectiveness?

It seems that those who are most aggressively against the Yellow Pages are typically the ones who have the most to gain from its demise – namely online marketers, SEO and SEM companies.

So, before condemning the Yellow Pages, we decided to hit the streets of Melbourne to hear what the everyday person thinks. I guess you could call it some old fashioned market research :)

Watch the video below to see a quick summary of what we found…

The Survey Results

Q1. How often do you use the print version of the Yellow Pages? Read More>>


small business system

The beard’s while I was on the meditation camp and has now been shaved off :D

Wow! what a great experience, my 10 day meditation camp (Vipassana) was awesome. Despite what Sally thought, the no talking and no internet was the easy part ;) The hard part was getting up at 4am and meditating all day… have you ever tried to sit still for hours on end?

From a business perspective, this was perhaps one of the best things I have done. It was the true test to answer the question, “do I have a business that works without me?” And while we didn’t have exponential growth, things did work without me!

Phones were answered, emails were replied to, and customers were supported.

This just re-enforces to me the need for small business systems. With the benefit of hindsight, standard operating procedures have definitely moved our business through to the next level.

I’m curious, do you think your business could continue to operate if you took 10 days leave and were not contactable? If not, this is a worthy goal to work towards.

One of the secrets to an effective small business system is to have good lead flow and a sales process to convert those leads. SEO and content marketing is still one of the most effective methods I know. Using Google to drive qualified leads and then having your content presell your prospects can be a game changer for many businesses.

Tim Reid (from Small Business Big Market – Australia’s #1 marketing podcast) calls it “helpful marketing”. Watch a short 7-minute video as Tim explains it further:

If you’d like this sort of marketing working for you, let’s chat – my Authority Content method is smashing it! We’ve had one client make $10,000 from just the 2nd stage of the 3-stage process. We’ve had another partner with Paypal and catch the attention of Xero for some partnership opportunities.

And that’s not to mention those in the mini coaching group I put together to help launch my book.

Long story short, this stuff works! Ok ok, clearly I’m excited. Read More>>


I’m curious, what’s your competitive advantage? In business it’s key to have one (or even a few)… it’s like having a moat around your business making it difficult for competitors to attack. The wider the moat, the safer you are.

For us, our SEO skills were one of our biggest advantages but this has reduced in value over time as competition has moved in. Now you just need good SEO to stay even. Another advantage is my marketing skill, I’m pretty savvy (even if I do say so myself) but…

Can you guess perhaps my biggest advantage?

It’s the team I’ve built in the Philippines – it’s our secret weapon. I know you’ve heard me talk about this before but it’s remained such an advantage since we’ve figured out how to solve the issues most people face.

Things like reliable electricity, internet, “no shows”, productivity issues etc. – we’ve found the solutions and over the past 10 years we’ve found some impressive “hacks” to make it work even better. It’s a continual process of improvement.

In fact, on my most recent trip to the Philippines I had another big breakthrough! We’ve actually overhauled the way we’re doing business in the Phillippines and now I’d like to share with you how I’m making it work. I’m running a free outsourcing webinar tomorrow night at 7pm Melbourne, Australia time (I know it’s a little last minute).

If you’re able to make it, trust me, you’d be well advised to attend.

You can register here:

And now, onto the news I’ve spotted this week:

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Wow! That was a little unexpected – Google kills Authorship. Looks like the low adoption rate meant that those with a little technical knowledge were getting a bit of an advantage for a while there.

You can find out a little more about the update here:

Now, don’t for a second think Google will be taking it’s focus off its new mantra of “Expert-Authority-Trust”. What we’ll see is this calculation now being done behind Google’s iron curtain. The message is still clear…

To do well in the search engines your focus needs to be on creating Authority Content. It’s more important than ever! So, what’s your content strategy? If you don’t have one, you don’t have an SEO strategy.

Remember you have a limited marketing budget, you need to be investing it wisely. Let’s chat (1300 662 979) and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

And with that, here’s the other news I spotted for this week:

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Yup it’s true, I even have the photo to prove it. We’re 20 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be more excited – I’m going to be a dad!

My biggest project ever!

My biggest project ever!

Now, I can’t seem to help myself, I always relate big events likes this back to business. Since finding out, I’ve been more focused than ever before on what needs to be done to move my business forward.

I’ve been stopping ineffective tasks and projects to ensure I’m focusing on the 20% that gives the biggest impact. My 10th of January deadline can’t be missed! It can’t be postponed and we’re going to hit it no matter what. This is perhaps the best way to get things done.

So, how do you use deadlines to make yourself more effective in business? It’s one of the best ways to move through to the next level. So, whether you decide to have a baby, run an event or get an accountability partner. It’s time to harness the power of deadlines and throw you hat over the fence.

Ok enough baby business news ;)

Here are a few other things I’ve spotted:

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Here's a snap from the Sydney Key Person of Influence event! Look we're on the big screen :)

Here’s from the Sydney Key Person of Influence event! Look we’re on the big screen :)

Here’s another post where I scour the internet to find all the most important news for you. There’s a lot of noise out there on the web and sometimes it’s hard to keep up… I’ll do my best to filter things down for you and deliver on the most important news!

So here’s what I spotted recently:

Google Search Quality Guidelines Now Reward Expertise, Authority, Trust {worth reading}

Dear Google, Links from YouMoz Don’t Violate Your Quality Guidelines

Guide to Optimizing Client Sites 2014 {some good tips} Read More>>


smart business idea

Behind the scenes photo from a recent Kickstarter video shoot.

I’ve got a smart business idea for you or at the very least something to think about :)

One business strategy we’ve recently employed (and it’s working great) is to repackage one of our best products/services. You see, when creating a new product/service typically the biggest cost goes into the setup phase. The initial developing, acquiring equipment, creating systems, setting up infrastructure, training, etc. So, the question I asked myself is “how can I profit more from all the hard work we’ve put into this setup?”

Assuming it’s selling well and you’re getting excellent feedback, one way to do it would be to look for different ways to sell the same product. The engine behind delivering it remains the same but with some smart repackaging you can appeal to a new audience.

A perfect example of this strategy in action is what we’ve done with vs They’re both delivering video services and largely running on the same systems/teams but they’re appealing to a very different audience.

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I talked about the Authority Content at the WP Consultant Workshop

I talked about the Authority Content method at the WP Consultant Workshop

You’ve got a great product and/or service and now you just need to get your message out to those who could most benefit from what you’re selling. So how do you do that?

Social media
Direct mail

For us, the answer used to be SEO. The return of investment for your marketing dollar just couldn’t be beat – you’d give me $1 and I’d give you $5 in return. But, as the web and Google evolves, the work required to get great SEO results has increased and therefore the costs have gone up too. Now, to get a great ROI on your money with SEO, you need to layer in multiple benefits.

So what’s your most effective advertising strategy?

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Here's a cool photo from a recent shoot on perhaps one of the windiest days in Melbourne.

Our recent shoot on one of the windiest days in Melbourne.

We’re quickly closing in on the end of financial year here in Australia and I’m wondering if you use these sort of calendar events to run promotions? The fact is, every year around this time, my accountant says “if you’ve got any expenses coming up, let’s pull them forward and claim them in this financial year” – and I bet I’m not the only one.

This is the conversation going on in the mind of many of your clients and prospects so it’s a good idea to put together a genuine offer that makes people think “I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, I might as well do it now.”

Here’s what I mean…

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Troy Dean WordPress Workshop

Before I get stuck into the news for this week, I wanted to ask: “Are you a WordPress developer or consultant?”

If you are, we’re co-running an event with Troy Dean (he’s “the man” in WordPress) in Melbourne and I think you’ll find it really interesting. You can find out more about Troy Dean’s WordPress workshop here:

That said, it really only makes sense if you’re selling WordPress website builds – otherwise don’t worry about it :D

And with that done, here’s the news for this week: Read More>>


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