Just ask any entrepreneur and business owner “What does it take to succeed?” and they’ll rattle off a long list of factors ranging from how to calculate ROI (return on investment) to finding the best staff. We live in a time where businesses exist in both the real world and online; yet for both, achieving their goals start with the basic ability to attract potential clients. For the virtual marketplace the first step involves SEO, regardless of how big or small your venture is…

SEO Is For Your Business

For those who aren’t completely sure what “SEO” is, it’s essentially a series of tasks which are done because you want to get a good search ranking (eg. your site appears in the uppermost spots on the first results page), which will lead potential clients to your website and hopefully convert them into buyers. In this day and age it’s vital if you want to build a successful business. So if you use SEO and land some highly qualified leads to your site, what next?

It’s A Means To An End

After clients find your site, do your best not to disappoint them because, well…quite frankly, there are millions of other sites they can jump to with a quick click of a button. Give them a reason to stay by providing relevant and engaging content as soon as they land. Then by offering up the best user experience and surpassing their expectations with a great product or service, your SEO efforts have come full circle. But just remember to keep your endeavours well-rounded…

Don’t Obsess Over One SEO Element

Don’t obsess about any one part of SEO; not only will you be wasting your time, you may even be doing something detrimental to your business. For example, a lot of website owners will consume themselves with keyword optimisation. They’ll end up “stuffing” their website full of keywords and guess what, the search engines pick up on that dodgy tactic and will simply ignore their site. SEO involves having a well-designed website, great content, and a good online presence, so if you’re going to obsess about anything – obsess about the ‘bigger picture’ and not about one little detail. Because when you do SEO with your clients in mind,you’ll be around for the long term.

Target Long Term Results

SEO can be hard work depending on where you stand in your competitive space, so when you do it, aim for long term results. Think beyond simple statistics, such as ranking number one for a specific keyword. What good is a top position in Google anyway, if people don’t stay on your website to learn more about what your company offers? What good is a number one ranking if you can’t take a profit out of your business? Whatever element of SEO you’re working on, implement it for the long haul and you’ll end up with the best results. And what then? You’ve put into place a great SEO strategy and have loads of happy customers, is there anything else you can do? Yup, sure is!

Build Trust & Authority

Once you have satisfied clients, provide a means for them to share their experience. You can devise creative ways to get this done such as using a video testimonial on YouTube, on your site, or through other forms of social media. Not only does real proof of your awesomeness build trust with your customers, it builds authority for your website. It can even compel prospective clients to visit your site, make a purchase or give you a call. And that’s why you’re online right? To create sales and succeed! 🙂

Remember, more users generally translate into more conversions. And the more conversions, the more you can build a successful business.

Whether you’ve done a bit of SEO before and need a little help or you have no idea where to start or what to do, check out our free resources here or give us a call. Chating with one of our helpful team members can reveal how SEO can make your business a truly successful one. Click here to get started.

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