Attracting “A” players is all about the job spec.

How can you expect to successfully find a freelancer for your project team if you don’t know how to write a great project spec that motivates quality contractors to apply? You need to sell the job to them if you expect “A” grade applicants.

Here are 5 steps you can follow that will create a job spec that ensures you’ll have a few great candidates arrive in your Inbox.

1. Set An Objective

It’s always best to set an objective so the contractor knows what’s expected straight off the bat. Phrases like ” I need a web site that…/ I need a graphic designer who can…/ I need 10 articles that…” are a good starting point.

If you set these expectations you are more likely to get freelancers with experience of achieving the outcomes you mention and you will attract quality suggestions based upon their experience.

2. Give A Specific Job Description

Unless you set the sights of the contractor on the specifics of the task and the desired final outcome rather than just a vague, ill-defined finishing point somewhere in the future, you may attract a lot of freelancers but not necessarily well-qualified for the task at hand. This tends to waste everybody’s time and means you have to sift through many applications.

3. Contextualise The Job

Including reference points and showing examples of web sites where the work will end up lets the contractors know that it is a serious job, gives them an idea of the type of content that you have commissioned before and contextualises everything for them.

4. Give Specific Examples & References

Further contextualization of the job can be provided by giving examples of similar work you like; you can even provide specific screen captures as examples. The more detailed you can make the brief the better the outcome will generally be. Many employers who blame the freelancer for not providing a satisfactory level of work should look at themselves and ask if they communicated what they needed in the brief and went through a good hiring process to get a good fit of freelancer.

5. Use The Self Selection Method

The Self Selection method basically promotes using questions in the job spec to separate the “A” players from those who have come along for the ride.

Those candidates who don’t answer the questions immediately de-select themselves from the hiring process because they have demonstrated that they are not good with following written instructions; the answers you get to the questions can give you good insight into the character of the freelancer and whether they may be a good fit for you.

There is more about the Self Selection method in another blog post.

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