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Video Transcript: So you can now build remarketing lists, based on basically any metric or dimension that you can think of in your Analytics account. One of the examples on the screen here, revenue greater than a hundred, like the advanced segment that we built before. You can set that as a rule in Google Analytics remarketing. You don’t have to worry, it is the same piece of code that goes on every page of the site. It’s dead easy to install. You drop into Analytics and build this rule. Create a remarketing list, let’s call it 30 days, for all the people who spent more than $100.

I’m going to call that my whales and I’m going to follow those people around with this ad. Here they’ve given an example of medium=organic. That actually means something to you now. Let’s say medium=Facebook. That’s of more interest to me. In the past, the way I’ve done remarketing, is based on the page they went to. Did they go to my shopping cart? Did they go to my thanks page? That’s how we created those lists before.

Now I’m saying I don’t really care which page they go to. But if they came from Facebook, let’s build a Facebook remarketing list and let’s follow them around with this ad. If they came from AdWords, maybe they’re a bit different, follow them around with this. If they came from Pinterest, maybe they’re a bit more visual, they want to see some of our latest material. Let’s build a Pinterest remarketing list, follow them around with this ad.

Are you starting to see how exciting this can get? This is massive and this has been out about two months. There’s a little change that you need to make to your code. It’s not arduous, it’s one line in your Google Analytics I.D. or code. There is a slight downside. Some ad blockers now block that piece of code because it’s a double click cookie. I’m not going to get all geeky on you but it’s probably worth testing.

A couple of other options for you. Page depth or the number of pages they visited. Before we couldn’t say, add someone to my remarketing list if they read five blog posts. Now you can, based on their location. So it’s not just that they’ve been to the shopping cart page or thank you page or the about us page, it’s the fact that they’re in Melbourne, regardless of the source of that traffic.

So it’s not just about AdWords traffic, it’s all of your traffic sources, but I can build a list for my Melbourne people and a list for my Sydney people and a list for my Brisbane people. If I follow those people around with an ad that is more relevant to them, maybe it’s got a picture of the Opera House on it, maybe it’s got Sydney written across the ad, that’s probably going to get me a high click through rate, better quality scores, lower costs, better conversion rates, better ROI.
This ought to be blowing your mind, how powerful this is. Based on mobile, based on device potentially, based on online behaviour. You mentioned product launches before. I’ll do a super simplified example.

Product launch, typically, you come in to my website and watch video one. If they watch it, then remarket to them with an ad that says, come back and watch video two. If they click that ad, drop them back in on the site and watch video two and three and four because typically there are three or four videos in a launch sequence. I can tag these people all the way through.

If they came to the page but didn’t watch the video, I know this is going to get confusing, yes, they watched the video, drop them on this remarketing list. No they didn’t, drop them on a different remarketing list and show them a different ad that’s trying to drive them back, to take the next action in the sequence.

If you’re info marketing and you’re doing product launches, let’s have a chat because that gets really funky. The job of remarketing really, let me explain it a better way. The trick is to advertise the next step that you want them to take without referring to what you know they’ve already done. You don’t say, we want you back to our website, we miss you. That’s creepy.

You know they’ve watched video one. You don’t have to tell them you know they’ve watched video one. You put an ad in front of them to say, watch video two. It’s really cool. You know they’ve added a product to the shopping cart. You know they’ve left without buying. You don’t run around after them saying, we know you added the shopping cart thing but just please come back.

You just show them an ad, maybe it’s a branded ad or brand advertising. Yes, maybe it’s an ad for the product that they almost bought. Sometimes that works, sometimes that’s a bit creepy.

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