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Video Transcript: How are they behaving on those important pages? This is a pretty funky report that doesn’t always work perfectly, full disclaimer. But under the content section, right at the bottom, you’ll find in page analytics. It’s not perfect but it is a useful part of google analytics training. This is Andrew’s site, no commercially sensitive data here I believe. It will show me even on the mega menus, what are people clicking on. There is a lot of material on there but that can be very useful to dig into for you.

Finding out that a lot of people are clicking on this section, very few people are clicking on this material down here. For you, that might be a very useful report. Lee, I’m going to use your as an example. There’s another way you can look at this report and that is a new one. It is like a hotspot. The red is where lots of people click, the blue is where very few people click. I find that a more useful view of that same data. That may not work for you. It depends on how your website is built, but give it a try.

If you really want to get geeky on your website statistics, search for in page analytics custom code on Google and send that to your friendly web geek. There are some little tweaks you can make that will track different links to the same page. If I’ve got a specials link up here, if this image goes to specials and I’ve got something else down the bottom here that also goes to specials, at the moment with the standard report, they’ll all give me the same number. But there is probably a very different number of people clicking on the link up the top compared to the link down the bottom.

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