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Video Transcript: Another way I’ve seen this used well for some bigger sites is recruitment. If you feel the need hiring a virtual assistant, then cookieing everybody who comes to your careers section or the jobs section of your site and then following those people around with messages that they are going to find appealing: you were voted top employer of choice in your state, you’ve just won some awards, we’re hiring. New jobs available. Check out on the jobs page.

If they’ve already been to your recruitment page, stick them on a nice long list. Maybe they went and got another job, but maybe they’re really bored there after six months and you can drag them back to you. That’s another way. Now that’s probably only going to work for the bigger companies who have enough traffic coming through their careers section of the site to make that worthwhile doing, but it’s worth a try.

Reputation management, advanced SEO I would call that essentially. Maybe you have a problem with your CEO. Maybe he goes and does something stupid. If you’ve got everybody on your website tagged, you can very easily go out to the people who matter the most to you which is everybody who has been to your website in the past year maybe with a campaign of, the Today Tonight story was wrong.

He didn’t really do that. I don’t know, whatever you might want to do. But it’s a nice quick way to reach all of those people who have been to your site. Maybe it’s just branding ads. Maybe it’s a ‘we’re sorry’ campaign if he’s really been an idiot. It’s another way you might want to use it. It gives you that option because it’s your magazine subscription list. It gives you an option of immediately being able to talk in a subtle manner.

Yes, you can email them all because you probably have the email addresses of your customers. But this is not just your customers, this is everybody who have been to your website or everybody who have been to this part of your website, or everybody who have bought from you. I guess car manufacturers could use this for recall and things like that. It’s a nice way to quickly get an ad out there to the people matter most to you.

I’ve never done this one, but I’d love to, a thank you campaign. I did CEO Sleepout last year. It’s an awesome charity, it was good fun, a bit cold in the middle of June in Etihad. How I wish they would use Google remarketing. Let’s say, I think there were a thousand CEOs across the country who did this thing, maybe two hundred in Melbourne. We probably each sent twenty people maybe more, to the page to go get sponsored.

Maybe there are twenty thousand people who have been to the Vinnies page during the lead up to CEO Sleepout. I think that year they raised, I don’t know, $4,000,000 something. I would have loved to have seen a ‘thanks to everyone involved with the CEO Sleepout. We were able to raise $4.3 million dollars.’ Only show it to the CEOs who took part and all the people who went to the website and sponsored people.

Make them feel good. It’s going to cost you next to nothing. They’re probably not even going to click the ad. It’s going to cost you almost nothing. What a great way to go out to those 20,000 people and reaffirm that they made the right decision by supporting that charity, by sponsoring that CEO and how much better do you think next year’s gig is going to go if all these people feel really good.

Yes, we helped raise $4.3 million because otherwise most of them will probably never know what the effect of that action was. Of course you can stick them all on a great big long list and market to them in eleven months’ time.

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