Email list marketing is not particularly difficult but it is amazing how many online businesses are not being successful with their campaigns.

Below we will take you through a few approaches, including a couple of cases studies with our own businesses, showing you the kind of results that can be achieved from following a very measured approach. Hopefully it will help steer you in the right direction with your future email marketing campaigns.

The Four Day Cash Machine Approach

Firstly we introduce an idea we followed from Frank Kern called the “Four Day Cash Machine.”

This involves a series of four emails on consecutive days as follows:

  • Email 1 – Product launch email outlining what the deal is and stressing that it’s only open for 4 days at the special rate. Give them a reason for the great offer – for example you want to gather testimonials and therefore you are prepared to “give away” the product at such a low price in return for their feedback.
  • Email 2 – In this email you say what an amazing response you’ve had to the first email and remind them of the offer with an added bonus thrown in.
  • Email 3 – Let them know there’s only 24 hours left if they want to cash in on the offer
  • Email 4 – Last chance email just before the offer closes.

With this approach you need to create a compelling reason for buying now; it usually involves the idea of scarcity – either a limited number of product units available or a time limit after which the price goes up.

If you use the “price hike” after the offer reason, make sure you do put the price up – or future offers will appear very hollow to the customers. Don’t use “fake scarcity” because this could get you into trouble and you can lose credibility.

Example 1: Triple Your Trading Profits

With our “Triple Your Trading Profits” product for traders we followed this path:

  • Recorded a seminar – for which 37 people turned up @ $350-400 per head
  • Create DVDs of the seminar
  • Product launch via email marketing

We sold 113 copies at $340 each at launch time. We also used clips on YouTube to promote it and drive more traffic to our sales page for the product, so they could buy the full version there if they found the short clip on YouTube useful.

Example 2: Online Trading Mastermind

Learn the proper way of email list marketing.

With a higher end product called Online Trading Mastermind, also aimed at traders, we used the following approach with great success:

  • Built up a list of customers.
  • We sent 3 pitch-free emails with good, informative content for the readers; we were selling nothing, just building relationships.
  • We then sent one email promoting a high-end product called Online Trading Mastermind and directed them to a dedicated website where there were 4 lengthy video clips to give them a good taste of the product.

We ended up selling 22 of these sets of videos at $1697 apiece, which was a great result.

Info products like these can be very high margin and generate great profits if you are providing expert information to a hungry audience and it’s marketed well via list marketing. Get all of these things right and you could be on to a winner.

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