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Video Transcript: Why would you care? Why would you worry about Google Display Network, because surely life’s grand, Search rocks. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google AdWords search. Display is obviously the ugly step sister of Search. It’s the bit that most people ignore. Maybe they don’t know how to do it, maybe they’ve tried it and it didn’t work and five years ago it wouldn’t have worked, it was bad. It is much better now.

Search is wonderful. It is the best place for most small businesses to start their online advertising. Display is a bit more nuanced. Most of you are doing well with Search, so now it’s time to get stuck into Display. It’s also a massive growth opportunity. Display advertising is growing in leaps and bounds. We’ll talk a little when we talk about remarketing later on about where digital is going: digital radio, digital TV and some of the other options that are going to become available. But you need to know this material first.

Search works because Google is still where most people go to scratch their itch, as Perry would say. We won’t get into an argument about Facebook commerce but for the most part, if you’re after short term ROI, AdWords and Google, for the SEOers in the room, is still where you’re going to get the majority of that short term ROI. Yes, there is huge value in building relationships, Facebook is a good long term thing, it’s not in the before unit in I Love Marketing terms, it’s in the after unit.

We can obviously measure all of that Search traffic and the results from that Search traffic very easily. Now that we all know Analytics in depth and we’ve melted our brains this morning, we know how to do that at an even greater level. But for me Search, more than anything, the biggest benefit of Search is not about sending more traffic to a website, it’s about testing.

Being able to test two things side by side, maybe two ads side by side and seeing which ones our customers prefer. That level of insight into your marketing helps so much with all the other marketing you do. Most of our clients are on radio and knowing after testing, guilt versus hope, versus greed what big emotional trigger in that ad makes the big difference, that can help your offline media.

That helps your website copy, that helps your subject lines of your EDMs and the autoresponder sequence and the poster in store, if you know what triggers are working. To steal another line from I Love Marketing, done right, your AdWords should be a vending machine, not a slot machine. Andrew is in a very nice place and he knows that for every $1 he tips into AdWords he gets $10.5 back, almost like clockwork. One in, which button shall I press? I’ll press the $10.5 button please. Kerching, thank you very much. I’ll keep some of that, put some more back into the machine.

For most businesses, their marketing is a slot machine. Put a dollar in, nothing. Go to Crown if you want to do that. AdWords is a vending machine. However, what do you do if they don’t know you exist? What do you do if they’re not actively looking for you? Maybe because your brand is not well known, maybe you’ve got a product people don’t know exists. One of our old clients sold this thing called a Water Log. It was a plastic tube of gel made for guys like me who kill every plant they come within three feet of. You chop it in half, turn it upside down and stick it in a plant pot. It waters your plants for six months for you.

It’s great. No one is searching for that. No one knows to look for gel that you stick in plant pots so you don’t kill plants. Search is finite. We’ve all used the Google keywords tool, we’ve all seen numbers like this. For the most part there are a certain number of people searching for each search term each month. That doesn’t change much over time. So when you’ve tapped out as much Search as you can, you’re bidding on the right keywords, you’re paying the right amount for that, you’ve got great ad copy, you’re going to bump up against that natural ceiling. Search is finite.

That’s where GDN can help. GDN, Google Display Network, if I shorten it, used to be called the Google Content Network. It’s been the Display Network for a while. Of course there are no logos on Search. If you want to build a brand on the front page of Google, you use a four line text ad. Display Network is a great way to get your brand and get your logo in front of potentially millions of people.

We spend very little of our time on Google, about 5%. We spend a big chunk on Facebook and a big chunk browsing around looking at things, pretending to be at work, not actually working, looking at other websites: everything from CNN and Oprah down to tiny little blogs and forums that none of us have ever heard of. That’s where we’re going to try and show our Display ads on all these other sites where your prospects spend 80% of their time.

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