Now before I get into our regular list of web news I have a pretty fun video you’ve gotta watch. I’m putting it right upfront so you don’t get distracted by all the other awesome links I’m giving you ;). It’s about Google Penguin recovery, and Panda too, and that we’re here to help you beat those two updates.

Watch this now: www.youtu.be/zGW-YxyTOQg

It’s only a minute long!

We had a bit of fun with this one and I want to know what you think – do you think it’s better than the YouTube vs Tv one? And if you like it, please please share it on Twitter/FB/Google Plus. It’s pretty funny and, especially if you’re in the SEO game, I think your friends will love it!

We’re leading the field with this sort of content – just wait and you’ll soon see all the copycats start popping up 😉

And now back to our regular programming.

Here’s what I spotted this week:

Google’s Penguin just updated again {our clients were safe, were you?}

Are SEOs destroying small business? {interesting fallout with Google’s updates}

Webmaster Hangouts with Google Employee {the best Google Advice I’ve seen}

Google webmaster guidelines updated {you really should read this}

Excellent link analysis tools {using this lots in the lead up to theSEOmethod3}

Video campaigns can increase leads {video is where it’s at}

Ten steps to online success – part 1 {good audio, but I’m biased}

Ten steps to online success – part 2

Should you host your site locally to improve rankings?

Were blog networks the scapegoat for Google’s Penguin update?


And what’s news for us?

I’ve also been cranking out some good fun traveling marketing videos. Check these out:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib3VH125m8g {from Paris, France}
www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT4XaH-ywIs {from Barcelona, Spain}

There’s actually quite a few things going on here at the office but I’m hesitant to send you the updates on everything since I want you to focus on watching and sharing:


Remember, liking, commenting, G+ing, Tweeting – all makes you live longer.

Your SEO Coach,


Ps. And here’s another new client cast study. Are you starting to get the picture here… I help people, just like you, every day: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFlejcsJtow

It’s time to fight back!

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