Get a team so you can work less in your business.

If you are a start up small business wondering where to go once you have formulated your business plan, start wondering how best to hire staff. It’s the team plan that will make your business plan work and get you to the stage where you can take YOU out of YOUR business.

Shaping The Team

First write down all the positions that you need to cover; this will vary from business to business, but it will usually fall into 3 general categories:

  • Marketing – how to get repeat business, how to get new leads, how to convert those lead and how to build and maintain reputation. Who is going to be in charge of each of these key areas?
  • Operations – the financial system, legal issues, technology and HR. Who will fill all these roles?
  • Fulfillment – the support system, implementing new products and delivery of products and services to customers. Who do you need to cover these areas?

What Order Should You Hire In?

When creating your team plan, don’t just consider which roles you need filling, but which roles are most urgent to fill.

What order will you hire in? This will vary from business to business again– for example, some will require professional legal advice early in the game, while for others it may be something that can be looked after later.

Generally you will need to generate cash-flow early on, so delivering products and services and getting paid for it is usually an area that needs hires early on. Your core components will need addressing most urgently so that the cash comes in and you can grow other areas of the business and make new hires.

“I Can Do It All At First!”

One of the biggest mistakes that start-up business owners make is to believe they can initially cover all those key areas described above. They mistakenly think that they should get the revenue coming in BEFORE they hire anyone; well, unless you are very fortunate, the revenue will either never come in or will quickly go out the back door if you attempt to cover all bases yourself.

Think about your team straight off – it may involve hiring people to do multiple tasks at first, but at least start to build your team as they are the ones that will build your business.

Think of it as plugging a team gradually into your business so that everything connects and lights up!

Can The Team Work Without Me?

This is a good question to keep in mind when hiring employees. Create a team of people that can be trained up to “replace” you, if you are initially performing vital functions within the business. Hire staff who will gradually allow you to take yourself out of the picture and work without your helping hand.

If you manage to plan your team, hire the right people in the right positions in the right order then you should have your business well automated quite quickly. This will be a huge advantage as you can feed orders into the top of the system and watch them come out and generating cash without even “touching” you!

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