True success for an online business is being able to convert the casual visitor into a paying customer. There are heaps of strategies to increase conversion rates, but we have our own effective methods, which we’re going to unlock for you today.

It’s important what you’re promising is indeed true. Demonstrate that you always provide the product advertised, and that it will do the job you say it will. Prove you’re not going to disappear into the woodwork, leaving them out of pocket and with nothing to show for their hard-earned cash. Here are our best (and up to now, secret!) ideas on how ensure your conversion rate goes through the roof!

Provide proof with glowing testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to show prospective customers that you stand by your promise. Show them other “real” people who have tried your product or service,have had their problem solved, or questions answered. Web videos of satisfied customers talking about their great experience with you go a long way to convincing others they should trust you too! Trust me, this works…check out my testimonials at! 🙂

Lead by example…walk the walk!

You must be the best example of whatever you’re selling. I have an online marketing company, so my own site needs to be a shining example of how marketing should be done. If I can’t do this for my own site, how am I going to do it for my clients? Say you’re a fitness trainer – if you aren’t healthy yourself and don’t have a regular exercise program – how can you convince others to sign up to your training? That’s right…it’s called “Walk the Walk” and not just “Talk the Talk”.

It takes time to be known.

Let’s date first – let hesitant clients get to know you.

Some prospects will see your testimonials and integrity and immediately be convinced to become your customer. But others may want more time. They might want to get to know more about you before making any commitments (sort of like dating!). To capture these hesitant leads, be prepared to invest some time ‘dating’ them. I have a rock solid plan to get these people into my loop: I offer them something for free, like a valuable report on the industry.

Once they sign up for this, I have their email and can engage them in further conversation. Over a period of three months or so, I send them emails with information I think might interest them, but not direct sales or messages that feel “canned”. Every so often I also send broadcast messages over the top of the regular sequence of emails so my emails seem up to date and current, not just automated. This creates a bond between my prospect and to me and to my company.

Done with dating – time for the proposal!

Some customers may need something to take back to their board or business partners to convince them of whatever product or service you are selling. It’s important at this point to provide them with a proposal document they can take to their superiors to answer relevant questions. Again, not everyone will need that proposal, but you should have one handy just in case.

And now… that prospect is a paying customer

So, you see – my secrets to increase conversion rates and leads into paying customers, works time and time again!

The steps are easy, but do take thought and planning – so make sure you’re willing to commit the time you need to your business (your livelihood!) to get this right. Once you implement my ‘secrets’ into your own business,Y see your conversion rate soar. However, I know this is just another thing you have to add onto your “To Do” list, and you probably don’t have time to do it yourself. Contact my expert team and we can help with you converting your leads into sales today! Click here to reach us or learn more about SEO Melbourne.

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