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The recent Fast Web Formula 3 workshop by James Schramko attracted many of the industry leaders in Australia; I took the opportunity to sit down with a few of them to discuss how businesses can get some quick wins with their Internet marketing strategy.

One of those was Binh An Nguyen, who is a successful business consultant based in Adelaide, and he shared some great tips.

Generating New Leads

The focus of many businesses, both small and large, is how to generate more leads; this is not surprising as more leads means more chances to convert to sales, which is the name of the game.

One way to do this is to build lead generation funnels that get “suspects” over to the website and converted into “prospects”; there needs to be some mechanism there – like an opt-in for a free report – to capture their details so that they can be added to a database and follow-up marketing conducted.

Brand Building

Medium-sized and larger companies may want to focus more on their branding.

Part of positioning a brand is helping them to become the “market leader”. If your business is striving for this, make sure your website reflects the image you want to portray as the go-to company in your niche – that may require a re-vamp. Looking bigger than you actually are can work wonders, but don’t try to “fake it” or you may come unstuck.

Ramping up your SEO will also help you, so that whenever searches in your niche are typed in you will be popping up on the radar; this can help you dominate the competition, and rise to the top so that interest in your business and your brand increases and you will be approached for joint ventures and partnerships, leading to new opportunities.

Recruiting New Staff

Sometimes the biggest problem that a company has is finding the right people; we don’t often hear about Internet marketing being used for recruitment but it can be very effective.

It needn’t be just about lead generation and sales. Sometimes demand outstrips supply and the problem lies in filling positions with the best possible candidates.

If you are having this problem, get specific with your job terms and use SEO to focus on the positions you want to fill so that you attract skilled people. Many people search online for jobs these days so having a good online recruitment strategy based around smart SEO and internet marketing strategies can really help.

Identify The Weaknesses

The easiest way to gain some quick wins for your business is to identify the weaknesses; that can be easier said than done but there is usually an internet marketing strategy to help improve the areas where your business is struggling.

Ask yourself – where are the bottlenecks in your business processes? Then once you have identified this there may be some instant steps you can take to improve the situation and give your business a quick boost; other longer-term strategies may also be needed, of course.

Business marketing tips such as these can be found throughout the Melbourne SEO Services website and on our SEO blog. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any other tips to share. If you want a higher level of tutorial on small business marketing, our Small Biz Internet Marketing Workshop DVDs can be of great help. Just click here to learn more about it.

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