Be a big hit with your customers.

You know that you need to start incorporating internet video marketing in your business but what do you actually put in the videos? What should they be about? Are you making the right types of video?

It depends partly on whether they are going on YouTube, on your web site or on Facebook, but following we give you a couple of ideas for video types that should go down a storm with your customers and make you a big hit in their eyes.

FAQ Videos

FAQ pages have been a feature of most smart web sites for a long time as they show that you are customer-focused and want your visitors to have all the information they need.

Turning 10 or 20 questions into videos is one of the best approaches to internet video marketing that you can possibly do for your business.

People nowadays generally have shorter attention spans online and like to be told the answer rather than having to read it. They will be impressed that you have anticipated their problems and provided a professional answer to their query.

The effect of this on your credibility and perceived customer-focus will be invaluable.

Q & A Videos

A good way to get started with Q & A videos is to choose the Top 10 questions that people ask you about your business and then the Top 10 questions they should ask. These can be a simple as does your product/service really work? How much is it? Is there a guarantee?

Make one video for all 20 questions, providing short and to-the-point answers and upload them to YouTube. These videos can be as little as 30 seconds long, but make sure each one is separate as this helps with your SEO (tagging, describing and titling the videos to optimise them) and means that your viewer’s attention span doesn’t have to be too long.

The great thing about Q & A videos is that when a customer emails you and asks a question, you can either send them back a link to the video that answers their problem, or make a new video that answers their query and send it to them before sharing it.

Either way, your business has just earned great points with the customer or potential customer. The sense of polish and professionalism this will create cannot be over-emphasised and may even produce a “wow” effect!

Script It!

Don’t forget that a well-structured, relevant script is the key to any good online video. The types of videos mentioned above may require slightly less thought than longer videos, but you still need to start with a question, write an explanation of the answer, counter any anticipated barriers with responses, call the customer to action and ask the customer for their responses at the end. Most people will need this written out for the best results.

Hopefully you can see the great potential of online video using the FAQ and Q&A methods in your business. These are two types that you can start producing immediately for your business; other types of web video marketing take a little longer to plan out and execute. If you want to learn how we do internet video marketing, visit our channel at

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