Will customers start paying when they reach your money site or will they need some convincing?

Is landing page optimization better than doing more SEO for a website? And what’s going to get you the best ROI?

I know what I’m about to say might sound a bit funny coming from an SEO guy but we’re more than just an SEO company. The fact is, landing page optimization, depending on where you’re at, might in fact give you a better return on investment than SEO.

So what is landing page optimization? First, what is a landing page? A landing page is any page a user lands on. Whether they’re clicking on a pay per click ad or clicking on your results in the organic search, the page on which they land is your landing page.

So how do you know when you should be focusing on landing page optimization? As a general rule of thumb, focus on it once you start to drive a good amount of traffic. What’s a good amount of traffic? Maybe two hundred or more unique visitors to a page every week or two.

So where do you get started? First go to your Google Analytics account and identify which pages are getting the most traffic, and start there.

By optimizing, you’re looking to increasing your conversion rate. That means getting someone to pick up the phone or place their order. Check out some of our YouTube clips to find loads of ways to do this.

Still not convinced? Why is optimizing your landing pages sometimes better than trying to improve your SEO?

Here’s an example, let’s say you’ve got a page that’s getting some good traffic and it’s converting at 1%. Imagine, if you can increase that to 2% by making some of the changes we teach at Melbourne SEO Services… that could effectively double your bottom line! You’re now getting twice the number of people to buy. These minor tweaks significantly improve your profitability.

Compare that with SEO. Imagine how much extra traffic you’d have to drive to double the number of sales.

It’s simple when you remember you’re trying to make as much money as possible from your website. To find out how we can help you make more money contact Melbourne SEO Services today. You may also start your SEO education here.

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