“Hi, I’m building a spaceship.”

What an amazing opener, eh? Yeah, I thought so, too!

But I won’t go into all the details about how a stranger from Romania reached out to a fellow marketing genius here in Melbourne, named Steve Sammartino, to fund getting a spaceship made of Legos into orbit (yes, that is crazy I know, but it’s cool, too!). You can listen to the full interview here for that.

So, as if the successful Lego spaceship gig wasn’t ambitious enough, Raul tempted Steve into another venture called the Super Awesome Micro Project. What is it? Imagine this:

A full sized Leggo car…
That drives at full speed…
It’s engine is made of Legos…
The engine runs on air…

Watch the video to see what I’m on about.

And remember to listen to my interview with Steve and Raul for all the details.

Now, can I ask you something? How imaginative does your mind have to be to come up with something like what Raul is doing? Not only that, how much courage must you have to take on an idea like this? You’d probably say “a whoooooole lot” and I’d agree.

But do you have to be a ‘super awesome’ person to do this sort of stuff? Well, you do have to be pretty spesh to build a Lego spaceship and a car that runs on air. But I don’t think those inspirations are reserved only for people like Raul. I think we all have the capacity to be as creative as him and be the source of inspiration for others, too.

What Raul’s done is more than just create something innovative and fun while proving we can run machines on thin air – he’s taught us that making big dreams come true is indeed possible – no matter who you are or where you’re from. What’s more, he’s shown us that reaching out for help is not only a good thing, but completely essential in the culmination of those big dreams.

That’s why I decided to get intimately involved in the Super Awesome Micro Project, firstly as one of the initial crowdfunders, then providing some time and resources for their videos. Supporting imagination, aspiration, and big dreaming – that’s what this is all about. Sometimes it’s not about the bottom line, sometime’s it’s just about being a part of something amazingly bigger than you – something great like the Super Awesome Micro Project.

If you haven’t been inspired, even just a little, by Raul and SAMP, then I think you’re in denial. And it’s time you shook it off! Go ahead, bust a move with that idea in your head … who knows how far it will go!

If you or your business needs help with bringing your online ideas to fruition, then get in touch with one of our creative geniuses. Whether it be marketing campaigns, web videos or inforgraphics – remember, those big dreams all start by first reaching out.☺

Raul & Dave with the life size Lego car.

Raul & Dave with the life size Lego car powered by compressed air.

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