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Everybody’s heard the saying, “a picture tells a thousand words” and you know what, it’s true! An image can convey so much more than words can, and that’s why the popularity of infographics is heating up! What is an Infographic? A combination of the words “Information” and “Graphic”, an infographic is a visual representation of knowledge, facts, stats and other data used to present complex information quickly and clearly.

Authority Content Infographic

What’s It To You?

The best infographics are fun & interesting – and compelling enough for people to want to share. And that’s where they become really valuable to you and your business! If you create an infographic that’s interesting enough that the viewer wants to share it, it’s likely whoever they share it with will want to do the same…creating a bit of a “viral” effect. The key thing to remember though is that an infographic is not direct advertising. If you simply produce an advertisement dressed up as an infographic, people will see through it and not pass it on (and that doesn’t help anyone now does it?).

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