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Everybody’s heard the saying, “a picture tells a thousand words” and you know what, it’s true! An image can convey so much more than words can, and that’s why the popularity of infographics is heating up! What is an Infographic? A combination of the words “Information” and “Graphic”, an infographic is a visual representation of knowledge, facts, stats and other data used to present complex information quickly and clearly.

What’s It To You?

The best infographics are fun & interesting – and compelling enough for people to want to share. And that’s where they become really valuable to you and your business! If you create an infographic that’s interesting enough that the viewer wants to share it, it’s likely whoever they share it with will want to do the same…creating a bit of a “viral” effect. The key thing to remember though is that an infographic is not direct advertising. If you simply produce an advertisement dressed up as an infographic, people will see through it and not pass it on (and that doesn’t help anyone now does it?).

So what’s the secret to creating high quality infographics? It’s as easy as 1. 2. 3.

#1. Work Out What Type Of Graphic You Want
We’ve found the following infographics to be the most popular – meaning they’ll be highly shared, giving you more and more exposure, while positioning yourself as an expert and market leader in your industry!

  • Information Graphic: The all popular option! Perhaps you’ve got a whole lot of interesting statistics and facts, that if your potential customers knew about, they’d be more inclined to use your product or service? (eg. people who visit a dentist X times a year are Y% less likely to develop cavities!)
  • Process Graphic: Maybe your business has a special way of processing a product or service (eg. you make swiss cheese? Start off showing your free range cows, move onto the milking process, the ageing process and so on). Use this type of graphic to show how you do what you do! This is great way to position yourself as an expert!
  • How To Graphic: If you have a product or service that requires your customer to “do” something (e.g. putting together a flat-pack cabinet! Or completing a series of questions so your team can give them the best service advice), this graphic will ensure they get it done right! What a great way to help others – people will share this like crazy!
#2. Decide What Format(s) You’re After
Basic Pack: Web-Based Image Only Print Pack: Web-Based Image and an A4 print ready version Poster Pack: Web-Based Image, an A4 print ready version, as well as an A3 print ready version.
#3. Place Your Order!
Once your order is processed, we’ll send through a questionnaire for you to complete. Although this is a creative process for our team, you will still need to supply all the copy/content as well as an idea/concept (or examples) of how you’d like the finished infographic to look. From there, our infographic designer in Melbourne creates an initial concept, then asks for your feedback & suggestions. We then allow a further two feedback rounds for anything else that needs to be changed, then provide you with a final copy. As your infographic design agency from Australia, we aim to make the infographic fit your needs and your budget – so sit back & relax while we craft your infographic!

Get infographics working in your business!


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