Have you been watching the life size Lego car powered by air mania? We’ve crossed the 2 million views mark in 3 days. It’s been picked up by Fox News, BBC, NBC today show, Drive, Wired, Mashable and that’s to name a few. Just Google “life size Lego car powered by air”.

This is without doubt the biggest viral campaign we’ve been involved in here at Melbourne SEO Services & Melbourne Video Production. This is going to make a great case study and add to our collection of amazing projects!

There have been so many lessons I’m eager to share with you but I’m thinking it’ll have to wait till the new year. But I do have a sneak peek for you! I recorded a short interview with the founders of the project, Raul and Steve. Download it here:


I’ll do a full debrief on my return. I’m heading off to Singapore and the Philippines just after Christmas and then I’m back mid January.

During this time the team will be working on existing client work. Head office (phones, accounts department, etc) will be closed. I’ll also be putting my weekly emails on ice over the holidays too. If you need to get in contact it’s best to email. We’re officially back on the 13th of January.

I’m super pumped about 2014! So many cool things planned and I’m really hoping we get a chance to work together on a few projects.

How about you? What are your plans!? Why not set a 2014 goal for us to work together?

Happy Holidays!

Your Online Marketing Coach,

Here’s some never before seen footage of the Lego car. We were under strict orders to not release any extra footage until the main video had been launched. Also, I’m conscious of not taking any of the limelight from the main video so I’m not even going to post this on YouTube. This one is for your eyes only and I’ll most likely pull it down within a few days.

Click the link below to watch “behind the scenes”, “never seen before” footage of the life size Lego car powered by air: www.trackinglinks.wistia.com/medias/d9wcgtbdeb

Check out the press!!

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