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There are times when the common link building tactics may not be enough to get your site ranking high or to promote it online. You need to take it a notch higher.

Here are some tips you can follow:

1. Submit Videos
Most video sharing sites have nofollow added to their links, so you need to get your videos ranked in the search engine on their own and in YouTube as well. (Remember, YouTube is the number two search engine).

The keyword phrases the video ranks for in the search engines will be determined by the text in the video title and description and the anchor text of the links that point to the video page. As well as this, the number of times the video is embedded on different websites will determine how well it is ranked.

Let me show you how I’ve done this myself in:

You will need to understand a few more details in order to submit videos successfully, so to find these out go to the ‘Lights, Camera, Profits’ course at:

2. Guest Blogging
Find a blog owner within your community and after you have built some sort of relationship with him, ask if you can write a unique article for his blog. This is a great way to build your profile within your community or niche and also a great way to get links.

If the blog owner agrees that you can write the article, do your very best to write an interesting and informative one and include a couple of links within the body of the text or in the resource box using your primary keywords as anchor text. This method of getting links obviously takes a bit of extra time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it.

3. Press Releases (we use PRWeb)
This is not the cheapest way of getting link by any means, but with a single press release you can get over 10,000 links overnight. Using this method, you can build link diversity quickly.

The most important thing with a press release is to create a catchy headline which will hopefully attract the eye of journalists who will then pick the article up and syndicate it across a number of sites. The whole process of writing a good article is a skill which needs to be learned, and you could spend a lifetime perfecting it. It may be wroth taking the time to spend a bit of time studying this skill.

Here are a few of our favourite press releases:

If you need some help writing press releases, visit:

4. Web 2.0
The next step is to post on web 2.0 sites. These are sites which allow you to create profiles and then upload your content. Examples of Web 2.0 are Tumblr, Squidoo, WordPress, Blogger and Weebly.

Some of these sites apply the ‘nofollow’ attribute but you can still create search engine ranking pages in their own right.

Once you have a good system in place for your link building, which might take a few months to perfect, start applying the system on other websites.

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