Because your link profile is one of the many factors which affect your website’s ranking in Google’s search result pages. If you’re not sure what a link profile actually is, here’s a quick definition: It is the general composition of all the links pointing to your website.

These links can either be good or bad – or both. However, having more bad links than good ones can definitely sabotage your website’s reputation in Google’s eyes. To avoid experiencing “evil eye” from Google, check out these insights on evaluating your link profile.

1) Scrutinise how your link profile looks in comparison to your competitor. A helpful tool like Majestic SEO can provide you with a visual representation of the difference between your link profile and your competitor’s link profile.

2) Examine the ‘link worthiness’ of your whole website – As you scan through the pages of your website, ask yourself whether the content found in them is likely to be enjoyed & shared by other people. This boils down to having fresh content which people find relevant and worthy to be spread around.

3) Set-up for share-ability – Lack of social sharing buttons limits your attempts to improve your website’s link profile. Provide all the buttons necessary to make sharing of your content easy. If you are not fond of having lots of social buttons, just stick with the most crucial like G+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

4) Look out for over-optimised anchor text links – This is quite easy to combat by simply making sure your anchor text links or anchor text are smoothly inserted within the content. Google definitely prefers it this way because it enhances user-experience and draws visitors closer to the kind of information they are looking for on your site.

Are these tips helpful on your quest to have a good link profile and enhance the overall success of your website? They work for us! So if you need more info or help with evaluating your link profile or regaining your footing after the Panda & Penguin updates, contact us by simply clicking here.

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