Web videos can increase your popularity.

There’s never been a better time for a business to start making web videos because now is always the right time to boost sales.

That’s the bottom line for how web video benefits an online business, but we go into a bit more depth below and break it down into the 5 leading reasons why you should start now.

1. Web Videos Drive Traffic

Well-made, well-distributed web videos will drive traffic to your website and your website should thrive on that, if it knows what’s good for business.

Video is search engine-friendly so it will help you dominate the first page of Google for your keywords; not only that but it gives you the chance, through a well—written speech with a good call to action, to convince people that they need to head over to your site. Watermarking your video with your URL also tells them where they need to visit.

2. Web Videos Convert Visitors Into Sales

Video is the online equivalent to a face-to-face meeting. That means you can look your customers in the eye, pre-empt questions and objections they might have and show how your solution fits their needs best. Consequently its conversion rate is much higher than for plain text and images; sales will increase with well-made web video – period!

3. Web Videos Help to Create Credibility and Trust

As well as conveying a marketing message, web videos allow you to demonstrate your knowledge in your business field; you can show your customers that you understand their needs and concerns, answer FAQs that you know will come up and use video to show your customers how to complete a particular task.

This all adds to your status as an authority and boosts your credibility and trustworthiness – which are qualities that will ultimately decide whether someone online will buy from you or not.

4. Making Web Videos Has Never Been Cheaper

You can get a whole range of video making equipment together – including a camera, tripod, 3 lights, a good microphone and a backdrop –for under a thousand dollars now. And you can edit and distribute them for free or minimal charges.

How far does $1000 go in a marketing campaign with traditional media? Not very far. With the equipment you invest in you will have everything you need to make unlimited videos that market your business well into the future; the ROI is excellent.

5. Making Web Videos Has Never Been Easier

Making and sharing good quality online videos has never been easier; even 2 years ago we didn’t have the same level of video resources available to us and both hardware and software is still being honed, perfected and made available. The integration between all the production and distribution components of successful web video is at its highest level ever. There’s no excuses left not to be making video!

Certainly over the past couple of years the “voodoo” element has been removed from web video; the mystique that made people’s eyes glaze over at the thought of making their own videos has gone. Business owners now feel empowered and ready to take the plunge into the world of video.

If you are one of these business owners needing some direction with making your web videos then you will find a lot of tips on video production and SEO as well if you visit our YouTube channel today.

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