Avoid the common traps with video equipment.

Don’t let the baffling array of video production equipment lead you into the common traps when it comes to selecting what you need. Taking the time to make smart choices may stop you making expensive or time-consuming mistakes.

Here we look at 5 common errors people make with their equipment.

1. Over-Specing

Over-specing equipment means you waste money and we see this all the time. Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut is another way of putting it! This can be avoided with thorough research beforehand; there’s no substitute for assessing your own requirements and being honest with yourself – if you are going to be shooting a few promotional videos and FAQs then you probably don’t need a high-level camera to start with; a simple pocket HD camera like a Flip or Kodak Zi8 may be enough; even the iPhone 4 cameras are great these days and allow editing, so don’t rush out and buy a $3000 camera if you don’t need it.

2. Under-Specing

Under-specing leads to sub-standard video and stems from the same lack of self-assessment and research that results in over-specing. It can be costly too, because you may have to “double up” and buy a second lot of camera and audio equipment or lighting equipment.

Assess your needs, read some reviews and do your product research to spec out the right equipment for the job in hand.

3. Standing Still

Video is always evolving – the changes we have seen just in the past few years with the growth of DSLR camera alone have been amazing and this trend will continue.

Having a scalable solution to your video production equipment allows you to upgrade your equipment as your needs change; right now people are only just taking up video in large numbers, but soon it will be the norm; it’s important to stay ahead and incorporate new features and technologies to help you do this, as required.

Your audience’s expectations will also rise, as video becomes more widespread and overall quality improves – this is the time to make upgrades.

4. Technology Paranoia

You will never catch up with technology – so don’t attempt to! Aim at becoming an expert with what you have!

Choose video equipment that does the present job well and is somewhat scalable but don’t expect to keep up with all the changes. Don’t become paranoid – upgrade your equipment only when it ceases to do the job you need of it.

Maybe you bought an HD camera for filming occasional video inside but you now have much more experience and like to vary locations inside and outside with different lighting for creating different moods – this may necessitate new equipment; but don’t buy something just because it’s the latest technology.

5. Blaming it on the Equipment

It’s a simple fact that your content is more important than your equipment! The equipment just allows you to get your message across clearly and effectively; but don’t lose sight of the story and the message, which will create the lasting impact with your viewer – and, more importantly, compel them to buy from you (so you can pay for all that equipment you bought!)

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