Keyword Research

Are you targeting the right keyword phrases for your target markets?

A successful online campaign starts with SEO keyword research.  An extensive keyword discovery process will determine the direction of your campaign in relation to the key phrases you are choosing to target.

Many businesses and site owners know immediately which keywords they want to target. But the most obvious keywords are not always targeting the qualified traffic that every website needs. Yes, it just may very well be the perfect phrase, but if it isn’t, you could wind up spending a lot of time and money pursuing a ranking that either will never happen, or will provide very little value to your site.

There are a few key areas to look at when conducting SEO keyword research and choosing a target phrase:

1)      Relevance – Is this phrase even relevant to your site and its content?

2)      Search Frequency – Are people even searching for this phrase?

3)      Competition – How competitive is this field? Is it even a feasible target?

Doing some keyword discovery to find the best keywords is the groundwork for your SEO campaign. Without it you’ll be flying blind with no clear direction on goals.  We provide extensive SEO keyword research to discover what search phrases to target to grow your business.

Site and Competitor Analysis

How Attractive is Your Site to the Search Engines?

We review the content of your site to ensure that it is presented in a way that both the Search Engines, and your site visitors, will find easy to understand. We examine the internal and external linking to your site and see how you stack up against your competitors. Did you know to surpass your competitors in the search engines you must match their SEO efforts and more?

To learn more about SEO keyword research, watch this video:

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