Do get-rich-quick schemes work?

Is there any substitute for putting in the hard yards? Are there really any get-rich-quick schemes that work? Does the 4-hour work-week really exist?

Well, in Part One of this two-part blog post, I’ll take you through a bit of the background about how Melbourne SEO Services came about and achieved its online business success – and you can judge for yourselves!

I’ll even share some of the mistakes we made along the way 🙂

Back to the start…

Melbourne SEO Services hasn’t always been what you see today. It’s taken time to get there and, in fact, when I started out I had no intention of forming an Internet marketing company at all – it evolved into that over time.

My first foray into the world of business was when, at the end of Year 12, I defied all advice and borrowed $5000 to take a share-trading course instead of going to University, as was expected. (Sidenote: you can click here to ready my bio if you’re interested)

The theory was fine, but to be successful you needed a trading float and I began to understand that there were absolutely no short-cuts to success: it would take time and effort to raise some capital.

Fortunately I had a friend in the same situation and we put our heads together on how to raise funds for our trading float. We noticed that people in the local community were having problems with a trading package called “MetaStock”, which we were proficient in, and we thought that perhaps we could raise some capital by creating and selling a home study course for people to use.

We put 6 months into that and it sold well in our little community but the problem we faced was how to get the message out there on a larger scale – Melbourne-wide, Australia-wide, worldwide.

One of the early lessons I discovered was that you can have the best products in the world but if nobody knows they exist then they are practically worthless (in an economic sense).

The Idea Of Internet Marketing

This got us thinking about the all-important marketing aspect and specifically Internet marketing which was just really taking off around the turn of the millennium and I could see this was just going to grow.

I studied a lot, attended workshops, read eBooks and fell for all the “get rich quick” schemes but nothing was really working.

I had a great product in the “MetaStock Programming Study Guide” but how could we get it out there?

I developed other connected and unconnected products and even got it to the point where I had around 500 web sites in hundreds of niches, most of which were delivering very little!

Where was I to turn from here? What direction was left? With all the money that I’d spent and the time and effort that had gone into developing a sound online business model I still hadn’t made the breakthrough. Where was my get-rich-quick success story hiding?

One realization was going to change all that and that’s where we’ll pick up in the second part of this Melbourne SEO Services story.

And if you can’t wait, you can watch me below as I continue to tell you the story:

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