There’s no magic spell to good ranking.

There are two main aspects to SEO – one is On Page Optimization and the other is Off Page. On page or onsite SEO is the process of optimizing the pages of your website so that Google can properly index them. Off site SEO is getting links to point to your website.

Many people believe that offsite SEO is the more important aspect. I agree up to a point but I would like to begin with onsite SEO as this is the foundation on which everything else is built.

One important point is that by improving your on page optimization, you have the fastest and most effective way to improve the traffic to your website. With just a few changes it is possible to greatly improve your rankings in the search engine.

Usability Before All Else!

Your ultimate goal is not just to increase your traffic. Remember if you get thousands of unique visitors to your site and none of them end up buying your products and services, you are back where you started. Site usability must come before SEO.

If you do something to improve your optimization but this makes it harder for your visitors to move around your site, you are not helping. Put usability above SEO, because any deficit you have can be more than made up with good offsite SEO.

There Is No Magic Formula

I couldn’t give you the exact number for the optimal keyword density if I tried. Google makes minor adjustments to its logarithm, so what works one day won’t necessarily hit the mark the next.

What you can be sure of is that Google is looking for fast, easy to navigate and content rich websites. So if you can change anything about your website and your on page optimization to fulfill these criteria, you are moving in the right direction. Google wants to deliver a good selection of quality websites that match the search terms that the user has typed in.

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