Target the best keywords.

When it comes to doing onsite SEO, it’s really all about finding the keywords to best optimize your website with and knowing where to place them. Keep on reading to understand this better.

Know Your Market

This is about choosing the right keyword for your area of business. If you are a carpenter in Pennant Hills, you might choose ‘carpenter Pennant Hills’. If you want to widen your search a little you may want to choose ‘carpenter Sydney’. This will be the keyword for your home page. You might have another page on cabinet making, so you could go for ‘cabinet making Pennant Hills’, and another on Pergolas, where you could choose ‘Pergolas Pennant Hills’ and so on.

On-Page Optimization

Now it is a matter of placing the keyword in the right places on each page of your site. You should place the keyword once in the ‘Title Tag’ and once in the ‘Description Tag’. If you don’t know how to edit tags, ask your webmaster. It should also appear in the headline and once or twice in the body of the text.

You don’t want the placing of your keyword to make the copy read awkwardly or uncomfortably. Think about the flow of the content as we discussed in the previous chapter.

Here’s an example of how you could naturally and comfortably include your keyword in your onsite SEO.

Title Tag:
Cabinet Making in Pennant Hills

We provide a cabinet making service to residents in Pennant Hills and beyond. We design and build cabinets for kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and laundry fit outs.

Economical cabinet making services.

You won’t need to struggle to place your keyword in your copy if you have written well, because it will just naturally fit in there. If this isn’t the case, you may need to rewrite parts of the text until it does flow smoothly.

Now, are you starting to get the hang of it? However, if you are the entrepreneur type then you should just let a professional SEO team optimize your website. And we can help you get the results you want. Just click here to get a free SEO quote from us. You may also learn of free SEO education resources here.

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