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Being an SEO services company doesn’t mean we don’t cater to those who are looking to start their own online business. After all, the two are closely related (SEO and online businesses that is). So whatever furthers the SEO cause, we believe in it. That’s how dedicated we are.

So what does it take for one to start an online business?

It’s simple… follow the advice of the one of the best marketing minds on the planet. Ken Evoy.

Ken Evoy is the genius mind behind the massively successful Site Build It system. His system that has launched more online businesses than Helen of Troy launched ships. So whatever he has to say, you had better listen.

Luckily for us, David Jenyns managed to snag us this Ken Evoy Interview – a big (Borat voice) “high hive” to David for managing to finagle this truffle of an interview.

But let this be known: David is a huge fan of Ken, so don’t take his words as marketing hype. David is just as excited with this interview as a Sumo wrestler is at a buffet.

David Being Excited

With that aside, you will be able to tap into the minds of one of the most successful Internet marketers in the planet. That’s no exaggeration. Google Ken Evoy’s name and you’ll might be pleasantly surprised. And it might even give you some perspective on why David is such a huge fan.

So stop dawdling and listen in on the Ken Evoy interview. No matter what level Internet marketer you are, you will surely learn something from it. I did.

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