Holy Fiverr, Batman! Joker’s personalized joke for $5?

Batman and Robin have their utility belts which pretty much makes them ready for any eventuality. Ready for battle with any villain that dares to cross them!

How about you? Are you prepared to do battle for traffic and sales out there with other competing web sites and blogs? Are you doing everything possible with good, smart, common-sense SEO to make sure your site is on the first page of Google? Have you and your team of outsourced assistants hitched all the online marketing tools to your belt as you aim to be the best marketed business in your local area? Here we look at a couple of fun tools you may want to look at.

To complement your SEO campaign it’s sometimes great to try something a little different to promote your business; a little left-field approach. That’s where a site like www.Fiverr.com comes in. Here anyone can advertise anything they’ll do for the princely sum of $5! You can scour this site and find some great, unusual and even wacky promotional ideas for your business.

Did you want some of your product photos turned into comic strips? Did you want a pet canary to play around your advertisement or marketing message? Did you want someone to wear a stupid hat and shout your business name from the top of a Toronto building? Did you want your business promoted to 22,000 LinkedIn contacts? Did you want someone to write a 1-minute song about your business and post it on their YouTube channel? These are just a few $5 examples from the first page of the site being advertised right now. New offers are added by the minute.

Another one of the great online marketing tools out there is www.sendoutcards.com which can benefit both your business and you personally, if you are forgetful about birthdays and other occasions. You can send postcards or greetings cards with a real stamp and a hand-written message from you printed on it. This whole process can be automated for as many people or businesses that you provide dates and delivery addresses for. If you wanted to run a targeted promotional postcard campaign to local businesses, for example, you can get one of your virtual assistants to organize this very easily. The site has a 7 day trial if you’re interested in the service.

These are just two of the many excellent online marketing tools that not many people know about and which can give your business that creative edge in marketing that separates the best from the rest! Find more expert analysis of these tools on The Outsource Profit Machine workshop by clicking here.

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