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You can easily come up with any number of reasons why you are not able to start making online marketing videos. You don’t have the equipment, you don’t know what to say, you’re just not able to be ‘you’ in front of a camera. Forget all these excuses. There is no better way to learn how to use video than to just start doing it!

What do you say? Just start by allowing your natural keenness about your business shine through. Talk about how you started in the business, what sets it apart from the thousands of others out there trying to grab everyone’s attention. What do your products and services do for your customers’ quality of life?

You can choose to make any one of a number of different styles of video. Find the ones that best suit your particular industry. I have found three styles in particular work well over a large range of niches. They are:

  • Tell Your Story – why did you get started in the business you have? What obstacles did you overcome and how did you overcome them? Where are you today in your business?
  • We Love You – Ask your best clients to tell why they enjoy doing business with you and what they get out of it. Your future customers will believe a client testimonial more readily than they will listen to what you have to say about it!
  • Frequently Asked Questions – These are very easy videos to make. Write down the ten most frequently asked questions which are put to you and make a short video answering each one. You will have an instant audience for this type of format – it will be very easy to listen to and very informative.

Tell Your Story
There is undoubtedly something that sets you apart from your competitors. Did you simply fall into this business by accident while concentrating on something else? Did you start off in your bedroom or a single garage? Are you now running a successful company with a team of employees here and overseas? Your potential clients will be fascinated to learn how you got to where you are now and what were all the twists and turns along the way.

We Love You
If you have significantly added value to your clients’ lives, they will be more than happy to make a testimonial for you. The only obstacle might be actually getting them to take the time required to complete the video. You can encourage them by sending them a small camcorder such as a Flip MinoHD which you can purchase for as little as $70 (US). Ask them to record their testimonial using this device and then send you the SD card containing the video. As a thank you to them for doing this, tell them they can keep the camcorder.

It will only take your clients ten minutes to record the short video. If they live close by your office, invite them to call in and record it. A testimonial is a very powerful marketing tool, as your future customers will see themselves in your clients and will trust what they have to say about you. You as the owner of the company can say what you like about your business, but a client has proved your worth through his own experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Compile a list of the ten most frequently asked questions you are faced with, or alternatively, make a list of the ten questions which a potential client should be asking you. Then simply face the camera and talk as if to a friend, explaining the ins and outs of your business and answering those questions simply and honestly.

This type of internet marketing video serves a double purpose. It is a good video to show in its own right, but it also saves you from having to answer the same questions time and time again. Customers will see these videos on your website or wherever you post them, and the number of queries you get will drop appreciably. If one does slip through, simply send them the link to the video answering that question. Very impressive!

Each of these types of online marketing videos can be very effective in setting you up as the expert in your field. Post them on your website, in your emails and in your marketing. There is nothing that beats a genuinely informative and entertaining web video to hook your visitor. You will find people spending more and more time on your site, and many will became actual paying customers. You really can’t afford to neglect this potent marketing tool.

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