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Getting Your Videos Out There

You’ve done the hard yards and completed some interesting and informative videos. Now it’s time you get started promoting your videos. Posting the videos on your own website is the logical first step. It is always an excellent idea to have a video on your homepage. You could outline a problem that your visitors may be having and then the rest of your video can be devoted to helping them solve this problem.

Testimonials are always powerful. If you have been able to persuade some of your best clients to make a testimonial for you, it is a good idea to post these on your sales page. There is nothing so likely to convince someone of the authenticity of your business than a satisfied customer.

People are always interested in how a business got started and the trials and tribulations that the owner faced along the way. Make a video telling ‘Your Story’ and post this on your About page. Your potential customers will enjoy getting to know the man behind the name and will begin to feel more confident about doing business with you.

Don’t make each video simply as a selling tool. If all the viewer gets is how great your products are, he will feel as if he has been cheated of his valuable time. Give them something which will educate them about some aspect of your industry. They will be more inclined to visit your website and engage in business with you if you can tell them something of interest and of value to them.

What is the Ideal Number of Videos?

Once you have created a video for your homepage, your sales page and your About page, take a look at the other most frequently visited pages on your website. Create a short video which matches the content of these pages and add them. they will engage your customers and keep them on the page a littl3e longer. It is hard to turn away from an interesting video clip!

Where Else Do You Post Your Video?

Once you have posted your videos on your website, it is time to think about the next place to go, which is YouTube. It is not a difficult task to get your video up and running on YouTube, and it is free to use.

Using Youtube can be a marvelous means of getting your videos seen by countless numbers of people. Take special care when you complete the upload form, using your main keywords in the description, title and tags.

When you’re writing your description, use your web address at the beginning, so that even if people don’t expand this part of the page, it is still visible. The YouTube site itself is simple to use and will give you lots of help about uploading your video.

There are many different styles of video that would be suitable to use on YouTube. Serious statements about your products as well as parodies and fun things will attract an audience. One of the tried and trusted styles of video is the ‘How to’ type. Video lends itself very well to this, and you can demonstrate anything from how to iron a shirt to how to make macramé wall hangings. Step by step visual instructions can be very easily given and will intrigue and hold an audience.

If you demonstrate something that is related to your business, you could then invite the viewer to visit your website for further help and information. You might like to demonstrate a complex task and then alert the viewer to the fact that you have a product or service which could make the task much simpler to do.

At the end of the video, it is a good idea to hold the last frame which has your web address and call to action on it for twenty seconds or so. If you don’t do this, YouTube will default to a screen that suggests other material the viewer may be interested in. the viewer is then more likely to take the action you have suggested.

Over time you will be able to build up a series of videos that hopefully will cover every aspect of your business. The interested viewer can then gain an overall knowledge of your business and the types of services you provide. The value of this type of marketing, of promoting your videos, can not be overestimated.

Now is The Time to Get Into It

There is no time like the present to grab that camera and microphone and just get started. Remember the worst video you ever make will be your first one, and it will only get getter from there.

You don’t have to look too hard to find what to say. Simply talk about your business, how you got started and the benefits your products and services can bring to your customers’ lives. If you have a physical building, show your customers what it looks like and what then can expect when they visit you. Show them where they will come to get their car in great running order or where they will be greeted by the nurse before they get to see you in the dentist’s chair.

Once you have the video completed, import it into movie editing software and edit it. In a short space of time you will be ready to add music and text to it. Then you just upload the completed video to your website or to YouTube.

Think about your video as being like the store front to a physical shop. You want it to be attractive and inviting so that people will spend time and browse. Text based pages on your website have their place, but nothing beats the power of a well made and informative video.

The web has undergone a revolution in marketing and advertising strategy. Video is a way for your potential customers to meet you face to face and see what you are about. Don’t ignore this significant way of interacting with your customers.

These are just some of the things you have to keep in mind when promoting your videos. Are you looking for expert help in creating and marketing web videos? Click here for more info.

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