No one expects you to be a movie star.

If you are just starting out with promotional video production for your business and are a little scared you’ll freeze in front of the camera, remember that it’s NOT about YOU!

No-one’s watching the video to find out about you! They’re watching it to find out how your business may be able to solve a problem, help with a concern or add value to their lives.

Charisma Is Over-Rated!

You can be as charismatic as you like but if you haven’t scripted and structured your promotional video well and don’t have the products or services to meet your viewers’ needs then it won’t be successful.

Conversely, you may not be a “natural” in front of the camera but you should take heart – a well scripted and carefully planned video, firmly aimed at the viewer’s needs and expectations, can overcome the nerves of even the shakiest of presenters.


There are different preparation methods that can be used to overcome much of the “nerves” factor when presenting in front of a camera.

Some people like to keep a slip of paper with bullet points by the camera; others like to rehearse the whole script until they’ve got it “down pat”, before shooting. You will find your own way and you should use whatever works best for you.

Take Thirty Seven!

This is video– it’s not live! This means you can shoot it as many times as you like! Nobody’s counting!

Smart editing can be used to cut out the bits where you stumble or pause and it can be shot again until you are satisfied with it. As long as the end product is a smooth and clear video for the viewer, how you got there doesn’t matter so much!

Many of the best videos may look simple and as if they are shot in one take, but the likelihood is that a lot of planning, preparation and shooting has gone into the making of the video – that’s part of the editor’s art, to make it look easy.

Hook – Story – Sell!

Promotional videos are generally best if they follow the Hook-Story-Sell model; the attention-grabbing (“hook”)opening is followed by the story that shows the viewer that you understand what they’re after; then you sell the viewer by showing (not just telling!) them how your product or service meets all their needs and how they benefit.

Usually people’s lasting impression of your video depends on the strength of your story. A long-lasting impression is one that comes back to buy, so put some time into creating a compelling story that engages with your viewer on a level that means something to them.

Internet video production opens a treasure trove of selling tools to the online business. To effectively use them we have to overcome the “me” factor in our videos and concentrate on the viewers and what they’re after. It’s all about them not you!

There are plenty more tips like these when it comes to promotional video production. Just click here to learn more about the Lights, Camera, Profits! Workshop.

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