Don’t forget the call to action in your promotional video!

Are you wondering why your videos haven’t increased your sales yet? You were told that video marketing was the way to go for boosting sales but so far the impact hasn’t been what you hoped?

Well, that could be due to the format of your promotional videos – are they including the right steps to build the relationship and trust with your viewer and to move the sales process along sufficiently to have a hope of conversion to a sale?

Good promotional videos will sell and here are a few pointers for you, if you need help with the content and structure:

1. Build Your Trust And Credibility

The number one reason to prevent people buying from you will be that they don’t trust you or don’t believe that you can deliver what you say you can.

Therefore building your trust and credibility needs to be at the center of everything you do when you build your online business. Video gives you a great platform to do that with – so use it!

In your video you can show what you have done, include testimonials and prove that your product or service works just like it says on the “label”!

If you have worked with any industry leaders then throw their names and logos in your video to add credibility to your position as an authority in your field mixing with the right people.

2. Tell Them How Much It Is

People like to know what they’re “up” for; if you hide the price they may wonder why so it’s best to tell them upfront…but steer them towards the value in your product or service rather than concentrating on the price. Show them the features and benefits.

3. Guarantee

Back your product. If you don’t feel comfortable providing a money-back guarantee for your product or service then how do you expect the customer to believe in it? Backing it will provide the customer with confidence and reduce their sense of risk.

4. Call To Action

The call to action is where you tell your viewer what to do next. This is where you actively move the sales process along a step by telling them to visit your web site, call a number, send an email or visit a landing page to opt in on something.

With video, where you are not actually face to face with customers and able to read reactions, it is often best to present a single clear option rather than presenting choices (which can be a better face to face sales approach.)

The promotional video is an important type of online video you can use effectively for your business, if you know what to include. Do you want to see how we do promotional videos? Check out our channel at today.

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