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Finding the right balance between the types of promotional videos you make for your small business might just be the difference between running a successful online marketing strategy and one that leaves you scratching your head!

Firstly, recognising the different types of videos available for your business can help you find the balance that works for you. Here we cover 4 main types of promotional video you may want to use:

#1. Introductory Video – For Authenticity  (view example)

Introductory videos promote your business by adding authenticity to it. Text and images do not allow you to look your customers in the eye and to show them that you are a real business with real products and real team members based in a real office.

This instantly helps to remove many people’s fears of being scammed, which is probably still the biggest fear preventing someone from buying over the Internet. If you don’t address this fear then you are reducing your potential market drastically. A video on your web site and/or on YouTube helps you to do that.

#2. How-To Video – For Authority (view examples)

How-To videos can bring you the status of the local go-to person in your industry very quickly if you make them well and get them viewed and optimised.

These are tutorial videos that show people how to do a specific task related to your industry…they can be short 2-minute videos of a plumber changing a washer or a more-involved one of a landscape gardener creating decking.

They help to build your authority and that’s what will help convince your audience that you are the one for the job!

#3. Product Video – For Quality (view examples

Another type of promotional video is a product video where you can highlight a new product release or go through a range of existing products.

Still images used to be fine; now people expect to see video of your products; this is a chance to engage their attention and showcase the quality that you are offering, while also marketing it by talking customers through the features and benefits for them.

#4. Personal Video – For Personality (view examples)

If you are a small business you may now run a Facebook fan page as well as your main site.

Facebook clearly has a strong social element to it and so videos you make for Facebook might show more about your own personality rather than be too product-based. Where have you travelled recently? What great news have you just received? Facebook allows you to share this type of experience!

Of course you can send people to your web site via Facebook if they are interested to know more about your business and your products but showing your personality definitely helps put a human face to it. Remember that people buy from people!

The important thing if you are just starting out with video is to get started. Don’t worry too much at first if your quality and quantity balance is not great or if you have too many of one kind of video…just get them out there and working for you. Everything can be changed later!

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