How has your week been?

I’m curious, what does a normal week for you look like? As a business owner (if you’re like me) you’re more often than not working…

But are you “working in the system” or “working on the system”?

Or to think of it another way, are you working on the day-to-day tasks to deliver your product/service or are you working on areas of the business that you do once but get long term benefit for?

There’s no “right” or “wrong” here because it really depends on where you are in your business’ growth. But I am curious – where do you think you’re spending most of your time? Just leave a comment below.

I’m hoping my weekly updates give you a chance to step back and looks at your business a little more objectively, from a slightly more elevated perspective.

Which, bring me to this week’s news items. Here are a few things I spotted:

Google testing a retail booth in Sydney {very telling, G+ is not going anywhere – might as well embrace it}

Do Social Signals Have SEO Value? {maybe not yet, but they will}

Are you in Melbourne? Come to Wordcamp by WordPress {I’m speaking}

It’s been a while since I used oDesk but getting back into it {very cool}

We upgraded to the new look of the YouTube channel but prefer the old one 🙁

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Amazing Motivational Story {worthy}

And how about our news?

We’ve just launched 2 new services!

#1.Our Google Panda and Penguin Recovery service. So, if you’ve been hit with any of Google’s recent updates be sure to click the link below:

#2. Our *new* SEO Starter pack. If you’re not ready to sign up to one of our monthly SEO packages just yet – at the very least ensure your onpage SEO is right! Every website needs this:

And finally, we’ve redesigned the homepage of Melbourne SEO Services:

What do you think? Better, worse, the same?

Before the change it was converting on all traffic (to the optin) at 4.7%. It will be interesting to see if this improves it. Any guesses?

With all of our testing of late, it’s got me wondering, would you be interested in a conversion optimisation service? Do you think this is something other businesses would find useful?

As always, I love your feedback so feel free to message me 🙂

You SEO Coach,

I’ve been getting some great feedback for my “King Maker Method” videos on Youtube, have you checked them out yet? Here’s one:

Get your SEO started here

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