Website Optimisation

Having identified the keywords you’re going to target, you now need to ensure Google sees your website as a good match for those keywords when people are searching them. To do this you need to put your keywords in the right places on your website – this is know as on page optimization.

We recommend each page of your website should only be optimised for a maximum of 1-2 keywords. And for each page, include your keyword in the following places:

– The title tag

– The meta description

– The meta keywords

– Within an <H1> tag

– Early and often in the text on your webpage

– Within an internal link

*Please note: If you don’t know html, you may not be familiar with these terms, but that’s OK. Just pass this information onto your web designer or SEO company.

If you’d like to find out more about website optimisation, watch the video below:

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