Link Building

Arguably the most important stage in any SEO campaign, website link building is how you make your website become more popular. Simply put, you want to get as many links to your website, using your targeted keywords, and from a good range of sources.

*Please note: Website link building needs to appear ‘natural’. That is to say, it wouldn’t look natural to go from zero links to ten thousand overnight. Similarly, it wouldn’t look natural if all the links pointing to your website came from one place or if they said the same thing. In short, you want a good range of one-way links sent to different sections of your website that gradually build over time.

If you’re building links yourself, the easiest way to do this is by publishing good quality articles and then syndicating these on other websites. To find out more about this method, search ‘article marketing’ on Google.

Some of the more advanced methods of link building we use include:

– Press releases
– Directory submissions
– Blog and forum marketing
– Web 2.0 promotions
– Video marketing
– Building additional websites

There are many more ways to build links, but we have found those listed above to be the best return on investment.

Watch the video below to find out more about website link building:

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