Feel what it’s like to be on top.

The fact is, your clients are on Google looking for your products and services every day and unless your website appears at one of the top 3 positions in Google (or at the very least on page #1) they’re going to do business with your competition.

Can you imagine that? You have a group of clients who are actively searching for your products and services, yet you’re not there for them – you’re literally turning them away. To make matters worse, you’re sending them to your competitors!

And it’s not enough to say ‘I already have a website’ … a website is worthless if no one’s finding it. You’d have to agree, the most beautifully designed website won’t make you a cent unless you have visitors to it. The “build it and they will come” strategy simply doesn’t work online.

So where does your website rank when your clients seek you out? … and we’re not just talking about appearing when your clients search your name e.g. “Joe Bloggs Dentist.” Definitely, a top Google ranking is of utmost necessity.

Does your website appear when your potential clients search for the product or service you provide? For example, “Melbourne dentist”, “teeth whitening Melbourne”, “emergency dentistry” … those sorts of words. People searching those words are ready to buy, however, unless you’re on page #1 of Google, you’ll never be found.

Conversely, imagine your website taking position #1 on Google for the top phrases that your clients are searching. What could this mean for your business? Here are a few of the benefits…

  • Drive new, highly targeted customers to your website.
  • Have your clients come to you. Stop cold calling to drum up business.
  • Build trust and authority while becoming a market leader in your industry.

The bottom line is…

More Website Visitors = More Money

But what’s the secret to getting more website visitors? Through a process called search engine optimisation or SEO for short… you too can begin to move your website up through Google.

SEO is all about understanding the way the Google search engine works and giving it what it wants. In simple terms, Google (and any other search engine for that matter) works like a popularity contest… the more people that like you, the more popular you become.

Online, that means the more websites that link to you (showing they like you) the more popular your website becomes and accordingly you rise up the ranks in Google (and other search engines). Obviously there’s more to it, but we want to help you understand what you’re looking to achieve here.

How exactly do you get a top Google ranking?

Thankfully you don’t need to spend the nine years in development, nor do you have to run tests on hundreds of websites like we did… we’re happy to share what we’ve discovered.

The process of building a successful SEO campaign (and becoming popular on the internet) can be broken down into four simple stages:

1. Keyword And Market Research
2. Website Optimisation
3. Link Building
4. Site Reporting

We will go into more details on each stage. Just watch out for my next blog post tomorrow. You may also learn through an internet marketing course.

Do you want expert help with getting your website ranked number 1 on Google? Click here to learn about our corporate SEO training.

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