Find the right rhythm for your business.

While at the Fast Web Formula 3 event in Queensland in late 2011 I sat down with a few of my Internet marketing buddies and asked them to pass on a few video marketing tips for small business from their specialist area.

If you are thinking video marketing then you should be thinking Gideon Shalwick as he’s seen tremendous success with his YouTube –based approach. Check out his website here:

Gideon was kind enough to share with us five great tips where a small or medium business can get some quick wins with their business set up and with using video marketing strategies – we dwell mainly on his fifth point, which was about using YouTube.

Think Of Your Business As A Piece Of Music

If your business is a piece of music then the bass line is the strategy and systems that keeps the rhythm running and doesn’t change a great deal; the specific tactics you use may change all the time and these are the melodies over the top of the bass line; one doesn’t work without the other.

Get The Right People In The Right Positions

If you think you’ll do it all yourself – think again; use the talents of other people to complement what you can do and this will make for a successful venture.

Promote Ideas

If you have the right people they will usually help to generate a wealth of ideas and help your business move in the right direction.

The Right Systems

You will need systems for every part of your business: for example, a system that drives traffic to your website; a production system to create and get your videos in all the right places; a money-making system that will generate the necessary cash-flow to re-invest and grow your business.

Use YouTube – In The RIGHT Way

When we consider the specific tactics you can use in your business to promote it, you have to go a long way to beat video marketing strategies.

But many businesses fail with YouTube because they use it in the wrong way.

Primarily YouTube is a vehicle for exposure and traffic, not an advertising medium. There are billions of people visiting YouTube – but they are there to be informed, entertained, educated and to socialise, rather than to watch ads. It’s not just a TV substitute; it’s something more.

If your business is not using this then you are missing out. Use YouTube to provide value to the people that are watching – try to figure out what videos you can make that will add value to your audience and that will bring them back to your channel again and again – then you will build a following and start getting a share of the YouTube “pie.”

Melbourne SEO Services is no stranger to video, of course. We have our “Lights. Camera. Profits!” DVD dedicated to video marketing tips. You can pick up a copy by clicking here.

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