Web videos, like all good stories, should have 3 acts.

Plays, movies, storybooks – when you boil them down to their bare (skull) bones they all have a common framework that they use to engage the viewer.

When it comes to scriptwriting for your internet videos we can follow this framework to make sure your web video production achieves a high impact with your viewer.

Having a simple structure to follow avoids confusion and makes sure that each of your videos delivers a clear message; the importance of this cannot be over-estimated online, where confusion abounds and clarity will win the day.

Set The Scene – The Beginning

Firstly your web video needs to set the scene; stories introduce the main characters – the protagonist and the antagonist – or the hero and the villain.

With our videos we want to introduce our main characters – the business problems (antagonist) and the solutions (the protagonist –you!) Present yourself to the viewer and introduce what the rest of the video will address.

The Plot Thickens – The Middle

Here you tell the story. What are the consequences of the problem – how do they affect the business of the people you are talking to? What are the knock-on effects of this problem and how does this affect their long-term business?

In this stage you need to stand in your customers’ shoes a while and anticipate the problems and concerns that they face; this shows that you understand the viewer’s business issues and this goes a long way to earning their trust and getting the outcome you want from your web video production.

They All Live Happily Ever After – The Ending

Finally you present the resolution to the problem so that everybody lives “happily ever after.” Here you tie together the fact that you’ve understood their problem, you’ve been able to solve it with your products and services and then you expect them to act, by doing this or that. This is where the call to action directs the viewer to pick up the phone to arrange an appointment, send an email, click on a link or click the “Buy Now” button.

The purpose of the 3-Act method is to keep your web video structured and simple, so you don’t lose the viewer. This will give you the best chance of creating the impact you want from your videos.

Hopefully the above has provided you with some structural ideas for scriptwriting in your online video production. The Lights, Camera, Profits! Workshop can show you more expert level tips on video marketing. Just click here to learn more.

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