I hate to be the one that reminds you but… Christmas is closing in fast :)

Have you got everything setup to capitalise on the biggest sales period of the year? Remember it’s always easiest to make hay while the sun is shining!

For online business that means ramping up your traffic (paid, organic and social). You need to get your content marketing and message out on the web in as many places as you can. Remember your clients and prospects will be looking for your products/services you just need to be there so they find and chose you!

And once you get those leads to your website, you need to ensure your converting them at the highest rate possible. You need to demonstrate that you and your business are the market leaders and therefore the obvious choice to do business with.

Consider this as a little friendly reminder to review your whole sales process from traffic source to conversion and ensure you’re following best practise. If you get this right, you’ll finish the year strong and be well positioned to dominate in 2014.

If you’re stuck, or looking for a little outside perspective, from someone who’s been there before, I’d be happy to help. I have a knack for identifying those leverage points in your business that have the biggest impact.

You can find out a little more about how we can work together here:

Now for the latest news in the world of online marketing. Here’s what I spotted: Read More>>


Did you enjoy this video on YouTube video marketing? Want more internet marketing tips for your small business? Visit this site for more information.

Video Transcript: Question: I suppose the question is, would you put an image there that would be more congruent for a click than to click through to the video?

Answer: Do you mean with the video you can choose what image will display?

Question: Yes.
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First up, if you celebrate it, Happy Easter and if you don’t, hope you’re enjoying the public holidays. Either way, as life gets faster and faster, it’s good to stop and enjoy the things in life you’re grateful for.

With so much noise going on these days, I’m just grateful to have your attention. The biggest hurdle you, as a business owner, have to overcome with your clients and prospects is getting their attention.

So, how do you break the pattern? How do you get people to stop and listen?

For me, it’s all about consistently leading by example and sharing my best ideas. It’s this consistency that attracts only the best clients…

This post is a good example. Each week I spot the very best in online marketing news, filtered for the small and medium sized business, and then I share it with you. Simple but effective :)

So, here’s what I spotted this week:

Lifting A Manual Penalty Given By Google {pain in the bum}
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Have you watched the London 2012 Paralympics? If you felt very much limited by the NBC’s delayed broadcast during the games, then you are not alone. That was a major complaint voiced out by a lot of people, I believe even during the London Olympic Games. I guess it’s just big networks making money through distribution control.

The great thing is you can watch the games through Google’s web video streaming. This is a nice touch as many people from different parts of the globe can now enjoy it without much restraint. We sent out a press release about it and you can read it here:

Fans from all over the world can fully enjoy the games.


The Key to an Upward Trend For Your Company

Get your business noticed by using videos.

Basically, humans are lazy, and would prefer to get their information lounging on a sofa in front of the TV than spend the time reading a newspaper or book. The internet follows this pattern and caters to our laziness through online video. Internet video marketing is considered a normal part of any website nowadays.

There are examples of hugely successful online videos which you may have seen. For example the Old Spice ads featuring the handsome man comparing himself favourably to ‘your man’ are said to have doubled the sales of this product. You don’t have to aim as high as this in terms of production, however, to get results.

Some may consider if you haven’t added video to your website, you are just plain lagging behind. It’s not simply a matter of keeping up, but the fact is, online video translates into more dollars in your pocket. Read More>>


You have probably noticed that more and more people are viewing videos not through their television sets, but through the web. And there is a plethora of gadgets we have grown to love to satisfy our video watching needs. From iPhones to Android phones, from laptops to tablets. The traditional way of watching videos are fading away. And that has a great impact on your business as well. Now is the time that you should try video marketing on the web.

The popularity of YouTube is a testament to this phenomenon, with at least 3 billion views per day. Just imagine what you can do with the right video shown at the right group of people. A few months back we sent out a press release saying that this year, and even beyond, will be the year of web video.

You can read that press release here:

Take advantage of web videos for your business.


What happens when you put Youtube vs TV in a boxing ring? With the introduction of Smart TVs, traditional programming is on the way out. Youtube marketing expert, David Jenyns, says that Web TV advertising will knock-out traditional TV by 2015 or earlier.

At Melbourne SEO Services, we like to have a bit of fun with our videos. Watch this little film to find out who would actually win the boxing match between Youtube and Old Man TV.



The best camera is the one you have now.

Most people shy away from recording their own videos because they think they need the most expensive and the latest video recording equipment. That is not the case because there are very good alternatives to the high-end gadgets.

Things You Need To Make A Video

The camera in your iPhone is good enough to start off with for your video marketing online. Later on, when you want to improve the quality somewhat, you could purchase a high end camcorder and make sure it has a microphone port. This will improve the sound quality enormously.

Lighting may be necessary if you need to film indoors. Outdoor filming is fine if you live in an area that has mostly good weather. If filming indoors, three decorator’s lamps should be sufficient. Beware that these become quite hot if used for a period of time. Read More>>


Check the competition.

You’ve spent time planning, shooting and editing your video; it’s been uploaded to YouTube and is looking great on your channel! Now – it’s time to sit back and watch the viewers flock to view it, right?

Not quite so fast! Video optimization is a key component of video marketing as you need to give your creations the maximum chance of appearing in YouTube search results.

Remember that YouTube is a “vertical” search engine, meaning a search engine that delivers results for one type of medium only– online video.

Therefore many of the rules of optimizing video are similar to the rules of on-page SEO for your website – much of the emphasis is on using the right keywords in the right places.

Here are five of the main guidelines to get your video ranking: Read More>>


Here we go with another edition of the SBIM Weekly, the email that summaries news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners. We scour the internet to keep you on top of what’s important to you and your business.

Check it out, this is the news for this week:

1. YouTube passes 20 billion views in one month – a massive audience

2. Facebook 2nd only to YouTube in video views – another channel to get your content out  Read More>>


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