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In the first part of our story, you learnt how there is no “get rich quick” fix to Internet marketing and that a lot of background work had gone into the early days before Melbourne SEO Services even existed, with only some limited success.

In this post I’ll share with you my big insight! Online business success really can be boiled down to one thing… traffic. If you get traffic flying to your web site then your business starts flying, because sales has always been about numbers.

Time To Wake Up And Smell The Traffic!

You may remember from Part One that I’d come to something of a cross-roads where I knew we had a great product in the “MetaStock” guide for trading, but we weren’t getting it out there; and neither were we getting success from all the other related and unrelated products we offered from around 500 largely dormant web sites! Something had to give…

It was around this time I decided to take stock of the situation because I had spent huge amounts of time, money and effort on getting to that point – how come I wasn’t seeing much in return?

It was then it hit me! Boom! Traffic was the common element between all of the small successes I’d had. If a site had traffic, it ended up being a winner. It was quite a wake-up call.

Immediately I started to laser-focus my efforts on driving traffic to my web sites. I wanted a system that could be used on any site and was able to test and perfect it on some of my niche sites. I had a LOT of them!

This was the early beginnings of my SEO method.

Next I tried it out on our stock market product websites, concentrating our efforts on some specific keywords and optimizing our site for those. Our business went through the roof!

5 years to an overnight success 😉

It seemed like an overnight success to anyone who couldn’t see all the work and testing that went into it. And, as you could imagine, the stock market niche is a highly competitive area, so people were amazed to see our rankings and they wanted to know how we did it.

I started helping people with their sites and they achieved equally great results, even my dentist’s site!

Pretty soon this started to mean our own business began to suffer because we were neglecting it. We had to make the choice – what was our focus going to be?

That’s when we decided to become a fully-fledged SEO company, as that was clearly what we were best at and there was a huge market ready for it.

Melbourne SEO Services really did develop into an overnight success then, because we’d done all the necessary dry-runs and knew exactly how to get the business ranking well immediately for all our keywords.

Saturation Point

We started helping our clients to dominate search engine results the same way that our own web site was doing that. The only “problem” was that we had so much business we couldn’t handle it and had to put clients on a waiting list!

Pretty soon it became obvious that we were never going to service all these clients so we started referring them to other businesses.

We also decided at this point that we needed to document the procedures in our business. That allowed us to take our methods out there en masse and to spend our time more on designing workshops and videos to show other people how to create successful online businesses through various components of online marketing and SEO like video marketing and outsourcing.

We were able to attract some big names and the feedback we received was tremendous, so we realised we were working in the right space finally, allowing us to use our energy, creativity and knowledge to set other people and even other SEO companies up, with online business models that worked.

You’re Just About Up To Date With The Melbourne SEO Services Story!

Now you can see that we didn’t just rise out of nowhere. A lot of hard work has been done and wrong turns taken to get where we are today, but we kept believing we had something worth giving.

Watch the video below and I’ll share the story with you from start to finish…

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