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Video Transcript: So I’ve got three for you that we’ll briefly walk through and I’ll give you the links to get these. So these we’re going to share straight away, set up already for you. Now we’ve got a number of SEO companies in the room. Again, I know just enough to be dangerous, so forgive me if I get this wrong as far as search engine marketing is concerned.

You’re worried about non-branded traffic with SEO. You’re not worried about organic. So you’ve set up your custom segment, to say, ignore all my brand traffic. Now I want to say, grab that cool bit of data and stick it on my dashboard. Tell me how many visits I get from non-branded traffic every month. Email this dashboard to me every month. Or when I log into Analytics I can just come in – dashboards.

I don’t know if you remember, right at the beginning of the tour, dashboards were sitting right up the top left. So you open up Analytics, click on dashboards and here are all your dashboards already done for you. It saves a bunch of time. Maybe I want to know how my visits are going. What have I got here? Number of keyword conversions, so which keywords are working for me? Looks a bit weird, 109% conversion rate.

AdWords very helpfully add up your conversion rates. So if you’ve got three goals set up, this was converting at 70, 20% and 35% in this goal conversion rate, whole goal conversion rate column. You’re going to get a number bigger than 100% every now and again. It’s kind of useless but that’s the way Analytics works. In this one I’m more interested in the total number of goal completions in search marketing.

Now if I want, we haven’t dug that deep on goals, but I could split this out and say, just show me goal 1 or goal 2 or economic, the ecommerce transactions. Just show me transactions and rev. Goals it does get a bit funny with sometimes. You can add anything you like to this. All those reports we’ve been through, you can customize each of these. You just click on that little pencil icon on each of these and you can start to customize them.

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