Looking For A Fully Customized WordPress Site With Built-in SEO Marketing? Read on…

When setting something up as valuable as your website, taking the correct initial steps is pivotal to success. Especially nowadays with all the unpredictable search engine algorithm updates – any missteps could have dire consequences.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now considered a requisite for any website to be found online. There’s no point having one without it! But in your already busy schedule, do you have the time to build a website and optimize it?

No, we didn’t think so; which is why we’ve prepared this awesome Custom WordPress Site with SEO Built-in package! You need the assistance from an expert team who you know you can trust.

You need Melbourne SEO Services

Over the years, we’ve designed and optimized hundreds of WordPress websites – both internally and for clients. It goes without saying that it’s rare to find a company who offers both excellent web design and strategic SEO marketing in one package… but, that’s exactly what we do!


Here’s how it works

Step 1: You complete an easy questionnaire, including providing things such as your logo, preferred colours (if you have any) and some example sites. We’ll then send you some themes to review for customization. During this process, we ‘nut out’ everything so it’s exactly what you’re after!

Step 2: Once the theme is chosen, our team will get cracking on it! Because we’re experts with WordPress, we can produce your customized site in no time! Once completed, we’ll shift the site over to your hosting in preparation for the last step.

Step 3: Let’s SEO! This is the final step where we do a little keyword research to ensure your site is optimized (so it can be easily found by the search engines) in the best possible way for its launch. During this step, we’ll assess what your competition’s doing as well as find the best strategy to reach your target audience (so you can start seeing an ROI as quickly as possible!).

In short, these easy 3 steps will turn your business dream into a reality! What’s more, we at Melbourne SEO Services treat your business like it’s our business, so you’re not just “hiring a helping hand” – you’re gaining a partner who wants you to succeed.

What’s the cost?

What kind of price will you put on your business? Your livelihood? Is your website worth the expertise we offer in both design and SEO marketing? We hope so 🙂 For a one-time investment of only $4,695 (+ GST where applicable) we’ll create a savvy SEO website you’ll be proud of (and so will we!).

What’s included?
  • Customized WordPress Theme, which includes: initial customization, one major review & changes, one minor review & changes, then finally a last round of finishing touches/minor tweaks. We use WordPress Themes that can automatically respond and adapt to mobile devices.
  • 10 pages of your choice (eg. Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Services, etc.), including layout and loading in of your content.
  • Standard Functionality, such as Social Media icons, Search Boxes, Newsletter Signups, Blog, Contact Forms, etc.
  • And if applicable, site migration to your hosting and making your site live, Google Analytics setup, Search Console setup, and for site rebuilds – 301 Redirects for URLs which have genuine backlinks.
  • Onpage Optimisation for the entire site (up to 30 pages), which includes: Keyword Research, Titles & Description Writing, and then we upload this data to your site.
  • 6-months free hosting once the site is complete & live!

* Please note that copywriting/content and certain functionality are not included, such as: shopping carts, credit card processing, appointment setting programs, etc. Be sure to let us know if you require special functionality so we can quote its integration for you. If you need us to create high quality copywriting, check out our “Content is King” copywriting service here. It’s important to remember that we do not write such programs – we customize themes, we do not build from scratch.

Optional Suggestions

You might also want to think about using Web Video to further enhance your site, as well as use the power of the media (with SEO Press Releases) to get more exposure online. Contact us to learn about these additional website boosters!

Please note: due to the level of involvement for our custom WordPress website design & SEO services, there’s limited availability. Moreover, we want to ensure this is the right product for you, so before you can “buy it now” you’ll need to chat with one of the team.

Ready to get started?


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