Need Help Recovering From A Google Penalty?

Yes, we can help!

I know why you’re here, so let’s not waste any time getting to the point: your website traffic has dropped, your search rankings have sunk and you don’t know why! Was it the Google Penguin, Panda or one of Google’s other updates? And more importantly how do you get things back to normal?

To ensure you take the “right” steps, you need assistance from an expert team you can trust in delivering Google Penalty Recovery Services and that’s where we come in…

You need Melbourne SEO Services.

Over the years, our team has assisted hundreds of website owners achieve their goals. Online strategy is what we do and helping others is what we do it for. Now with Google’s recent algorithm updates, as you could imagine, we’ve had more and more *new* clients asking us to review their website.

Whether it’s that they have had another sub-par SEO company working on their site, they’ve engaged in low quality linking and/or they’ve been the target of negative SEO – the reasons all come back to the fact that their traffic has dropped and their website has seemingly disappeared from the search engines. To combat the demand, we’ve created our unique SEO Recovery Website Audit.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Your site goes through the virtual “wringer” with our proprietary 150-point checklist. We cover everything from duplicate content, to trust factors, to link profiles, to robots.txt and .htaccess files. No stone is left unturned – we want to know “why” you’ve been hit.

Step 2: You will receive a detailed action plan of all the steps you must take to give your website the best chance of recovery. This will be delivered in a PDF document with accompanying video. We want to ensure you’re crystal clear on what you should do.

Step 3: We’ll also offer advice on best practices, which will assist you in avoiding future issues and penalties. Google has changed and it’s time you *must* evolve your strategies to safeguard your website and stay in Google’s good books 🙂

So, how much does the website audit cost?

That’s like asking yourself “What’s my website worth?” isn’t it? What would it cost for you to do it all over again? Yeah, you probably don’t even want to think about that, do you? For a one-time investment of only $1595 (+ GST where applicable) we can give you the road map to recovery.

Remember, there’s a significant amount of effort involved in SEO Recovery Website Audits because there’s no “one size fits all” single fix. Each website must be individually analysed and have a custom plan designed. Note: Due to the high level of involvement, our audits have limited availability (there’s often a waiting list) and typically take 2-3 weeks to complete. So, if you’ve been hit, it’s best to get things moving asap to speed up your recovery!

Attention Ecommerce, Magento, & Large Website Owners.

You’re in luck. We’re one of the few SEO providers that can audit Magento sites too! That said, as you probably already know, Magento is actually a little more complicated and time consuming than your average WordPress audit. For this reason our audit package for Magento sites is a little more expensive too. Typically they’re $2595 (+ GST where applicable) but please click here to enquire further since we’ll want to double check a few things before you order!


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