Blend videos into your web marketing.

Is there anybody on the planet who hasn’t seen or heard of the “Will It Blend?” series of online videos?
Those of you left with any doubts about the effectiveness of online video marketing in general and, in particular in answering customer questions or objections, should see the light when they consider the “Will it Blend?” series.

It includes over 100 videos, many of which went “viral”, about whether a Blendtec machine could blend various objects ranging from rake handles to marbles to Justin Bieber dolls; these videos helped to answer the question in EMPHATIC fashion, showing how the blender managed it. The videos created a lasting impact and were much discussed and sent around the Internet.

Here are the top 4 things we can learn from the “Will it Blend?” story.

We Can Pre-empt Customer Questions And Objections

Customers always want to be sure that your product does what it says it does “on the label”. Blendtec blenders were marketed as ultra-powerful blenders so the customer has every right to say “prove it” or “how do I know it’s as powerful as you say?”

In the old days they could only have demonstrated this with pictures, text, testimonials and technical specs. Or they could have spent a fortune with TV advertising.

Online video enabled them to show the power of their machines in seconds and very cheaply and effectively, reaching a huge audience.

Video Is More Effective Than Images Or Text

If a picture can paint a thousand words how many pictures can a video paint?

For many online marketing purposes – answering questions, FAQs, promoting products, demonstrating how something works or introducing your company – online video is proven to be more effective than images or text as it brings a subject to life and creates the “human connection” between you and your customer.

We Can Make Our Videos Entertaining As Well As Informative

The success of the “Will it Blend?” campaign is partly because it is amusing. It’s showing something original and dynamic on camera in short sharp bursts that don’t require any brain-power for people.

They kept it interesting, to the point and entertaining.

Video Has An Enduring Impact

People still talk about “Will it Blend?” The name Blendtec is etched into people’s minds from the strength of their 100-plus video campaign. The effect from video is far more enduring and memorable than pages of text or even photographs.

Online businesses can learn by paying attention to other online success stories and any small business entering the world of video marketing can certainly learn a lot from the “Will it Blend?” story. Further tips can be found on this subject in the Lights, Camera, Profits! Workshop. Just click here to learn more about it.

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