Is your video sales letter up to scratch?

If you’re looking to give your online sales a boost then the conversion rates of well-made video sales letters are excellent, but how exactly do you ensure yours are up to scratch? What is a good sales letter example to follow?

Here we look at 8 surefire features, presented in order of appearance in your video, that go towards making a high quality and high impact video that will give you the best chance of success:

The Hook – Present The Opportunity

Try to think of a “hook” to capture attention, otherwise you will lose your viewer early on in the video – and they will simply move on.

Present what you have as an opportunity for your intended audience. If you have a product or service that you can’t view as an opportunity to solve problems, add value or help someone in some way then you’re probably selling the wrong product or service!

The Story

It’s good to share some of your personal story – how you got to where you are today and some of the adventures along the road. This will help establish transparency, credibility and authenticity to you and your business: critical ingredients for online success.

What’s It All About?

What is your product or service all about – the main features – and how does this benefit your viewers (potential buyers)? Show them specifically how their lives will be made easier, more profitable or more enjoyable by what you’re offering.

Who Are You?

Tell them about you and your team – anything not already covered in “the Story” that helps to establish you and your business as serious players in your market, able to deliver what you say you can deliver, passionate about what you do and about delivering quality. This is a chance to position yourselves in the viewer’s mind as a dependable authority in your field.

How Much Is It?

Be straight about the price, but concentrate on the value of your product and, if your product or service is a little more expensive than others in your market, show your viewers why you charge what you do and what added value you bring.


Guarantees work because they lessen the buyer’s risk; if you believe in your product, you should be able to back it up with a money-back guarantee without too many problems.

Call To Action

Don’t forget that ALL sample sales letters need a call to action to move the sales process along a notch. It also ends the video well if you present a next step to the viewer and don’t just leave them hanging. Tell them what to do – opt in at a web page, call a number, send an email etc. They will probably be expecting it, so don’t feel you are being too “pushy.”

Use Text Below

After the video you should include text so that the main information contained in the video is also there in written form for the visitor. This makes the offer clearer and can also help you to build more credibility and trust.

Below is a video sales letter example format that should work very well for your small business; combine these tips with many other video marketing tips you can find from the Lights, Camera, Profits! Workshop. Just click here to learn more about it.

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