Dodge The Tire Kickers & Time Vampires

In every business you and your staff waste countless hours chasing prospects and leads that will most likely never make a purchase. This costs your business countless hours and money.

It makes my stomach turn every time I think about how much money this used to cost our business… for us, it got to a point where I said, enough was enough, I needed to find a solution. I needed a better way to deal with dead-end leads and only focused on those ready to convert.

So, I started to testing everything. After years of solid searching, I finally discovered the answer, introducing…

Strategic Decision Trees.

Example Decision Trees:

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The Power Of A Decision Tree

What’s a decision tree you ask?

In short, it’s an intuitive form that automatically qualifies leads by identifying those who are hot and ready to go – and those who aren’t. This means you get to dodge the tire kickers and time wasting vampires and focus on those leads who are ready to convert.

At first, the Strategic Decision Tree may look like an ordinary online quiz, but on closer inspection you’ll find it’s a completely different ball game because it does the first line of hard work for you: qualifies leads.

A Strategic Decision Tree leads prospects down a tailored path of questions. The tailoring is triggered by their answers, which unlock the next question (which is directly related to their previous answer) – taking them down a predetermined path.

This ultimately leads the user to a customised results page which speaks directly to their unique situation, as well as gives you (or your sales team) deeper insights on why they reached out to you in the first place – which increases your chances of converting the right leads quickly.

When & where to use one?

Are you…

  • Spending more time on the phone with tire kickers than real leads?
  • Getting low quality web enquiries and you’d like to qualify them without spending your sales person’s valuable time?
  • Getting emails from people asking questions about things you don’t do?
  • Wanting to prioritise and focus on your best quality leads – the ones most likely to convert?
  • Wanting to move browsers to buyers using a process your leads and prospects enjoy?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then a Strategic Decision Tree is perfect for you!

Your Investment

Strategic Decision Trees start from $2995 + GST. Pricing depends on complexity, that said, we’re so confident that this strategy will work for you, you can try it 100% risk free. Test it for a full 30 days and we guarantee you’ll want to leave it running or we’ll refund you 100%.

Ready to deploy the power of the Decision Tree?

Not too sure where to start?

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