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You need Melbourne SEO Services.

Over the years, our team has assisted hundreds of website owners achieve their goals. Online strategy is what we do and helping others is what we do it for. Now with Google’s recent algorithm updates, as you could imagine, we’ve had more and more *new* clients asking us to review their website.

Whether it’s that they have had another sub-par SEO company working on their site, they’ve engaged in low quality linking and/or they’ve been the target of negative SEO – the reasons all come back to the fact that their traffic has dropped and their website has seemingly disappeared from the search engines. To combat the demand, we’ve created our unique SEO Recovery Website Audit.


How do I know I need this audit?

If you’re a website owner who’s had SEO done in the past (you may be ‘tech savvy’ or have your own tech team), and all the sudden you’ve noticed a massive drop in your rankings and/or traffic – but you don’t know why – this is the service to give you the answers and action plan you need!

Do you work on non-Wordpress sites?

We’re able to audit any website, WordPress or not! But because our team are highly trained and proficient in the WordPress CMS, we will only implement work on WordPress websites. This just means that if you have a non-Wordpress website, and you’d like our help implementing some audit fixes, we’ll only be able to perform off-site recommendations, such as working on Google Analytics or Search Console, etc.

What happens after this?

No matter the outcome, you will always have the option to chat with one of our expert team about the next steps to keep improving your site. Whether that’s amping up your site’s authority with our Authority Content Package or discussing in-depth marketing strategies or product launches through a consultation or perhaps something else, we’ll be happy to chat about it!


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